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3 Ways Reusable Grocery Bags & Collapsible Crates make life easier!!!

See how Reusable Grocery Bags, Collapsible Bins & Crates can make YOUR life easier!!! Lets face it. We all want life to make our daily lives easier. Most of us are always on the run, have minimal storage space and are always looking for ways to declutter our lives. Many parents today are working full time, rushing to sports activities, stopping at the grocery store...

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How to Start to Declutter your Home: 8 Household Items to Get Rid of NOW

How to Start to Declutter Your Home: Beginning with these 8 household items Kick-start your January declutter process by clearing out household items throughout the house. The new year is a perfect time to work on organizational home projects, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Start by doing something that’s easy and creates INSTANT gratification: purging things you don’t need or want!...

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Clear your Mind with Shining the Sink Methodology

  Clear Your Mind with Shining the Sink methodology!! Living with 4 boys and a husband has its rewards and challenges. While I do not have to deal with the up and down emotions of a daughter, I do have to deal with the continuous reminders of cleaning their rooms, throwing their clothes down to be washed, cleaning the toilet after they use it, etc....

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5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending a Dime

Wouldn’t you like to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending A Dime? Trying to organize your kitchen on a tight budget seems very challenging at first. When you start looking into the various ways to organize kitchen space, you see all kinds of gadgets that cost tons of money. That can scare some people off of the project entirely and to procrastinate. What if instead you...

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New Freebies Offer: Start a Free Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine

More Freebies for you!! We are now remodeling our 3rd and LAST house 🙂 Free Magazines and Newsleters like these from Lowes have helped me to come up with ideas for all the rooms in my house so make sure to sign up for tis frebbies offer! Lowe’s allows users to sign up and start a free subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and...

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Redecorating a room into a Theater Room or Man Cave

    If it were up to me, my finished basement would NOT be what it is today. Right now, the room has a lot of nice things but the teenage boys in my house have taken it over with XBOX , computers and junk! I don’t mind the 3 TVS and the beautiful wood burning stove area that is down there , but I...

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Organize your Paper Clutter, Calendar and Life with About One

  I think I may have found the program that will work to keep my life in order. If you could see the mound of paper on my desk and dining room table you would cringe. I clean it off as often as I can but I just can’t keep ahead. On top of that I have my day job schedule and customers to schedule...

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  Get your bills, statements and balances instantly organized in one secure place online. Finally, one easy way to manage all of your accounts, subscriptions and loyalty programs. Sign up today. It’s FREE—-> – FREE financial organizer This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Manilla.      

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