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Kroger Ad (11/15/23 – 11/21/23) Preview!

Kroger Weekly Ad Preview 11_15_23

Check out the Early Kroger weekly ad preview here and new digital coupons on! The ad for this week and next week will be updated weekly to make it easy for you to shop every week!

Details about shopping Kroger Ad for Next Week:

  • Kroger Stores are located in 38 states with store locations concentrated in the midwestern and southwest regions of the US. Check to see if there is a location near you here.
  • Each store has slightly different ads, this ad is based on Texas stores
  • Kroger does offer their own Kroger delivery service in areas where there is a local store
  • Make sure to clip your Kroger Digital Coupons on You can also clip digital coupons for at home delivery purchases!
  • Did you know that even if you don't live near a Kroger store, you can use their coupons and have shipped to home? Buy Online here and get $15 off $75 order coupon on your first delivery order

Kroger Weekly Ad Previews

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Kroger Ad 11/15/23 - 11/21/23 pg 1

Kroger Weekly Ad 11_15_23 pg 1

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Kroger Ad 11/15/23 - 11/21/23 pg 1