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How to Use Coupons & Save!

How to Use Coupons and Using Coupons to Save

How to Use Coupons and learn how to save!

Learning how to coupon is not hard! A little time, patience and planning will prepare for you to start using coupons and saving money every week!

Here are the some quick tips to start:

1) Subscribe to the Sunday newspaper to get your weekly inserts.

buffalo news picture

The three types of Sunday inserts are

smart source insert

RedPlum(RP)- now called RMN for RetailMeNot
Red Plum Insert

Proctor and Gamble(P&G)
proctor gamble insert

Write the date on the front of the insert when you get your paper so you don’t have to look at small lettering on side

File these inserts by Date and type of SS, RP, and PG
Coupon Insert Bin

UPDATE: To make it really simple, just file your weekly Sunday Inserts by date in a manilla folder. You don’t have to label them by type. When I get mine on Sunday, I immediately make a file folder with date on top and put all inserts from that week in the folder and then into the bin to refer back to later.

Now I just use a magazine file or small portable file holder becuas eI have less office/storage space in our new house

coupon organization

2) Follow our posts by Store- Head over to our Coupon Matchup page here and find the stores you shop at. We tell you what is on sale and where to find the coupons for those sale items (in those folders you made)!! Also where you can find printable coupons.

3) Printables are always in a different color showing its a link. This is a link to where you can go get a printable coupon. Many times you need to sign up to a site to get these. Set up a different email to get your shopping/freebies offers. This way if the company sends a lot of emails your standard email inbox will not get clogged up!

guy typing computer

4) Printable databases– Printable coupons are important in saving every week. Click on the links below to see the top three databases:

Once you print those you can keep them in an envelope, an extensive large coupon binder, or I prefer a small coupon holder like these

5) Search for a coupon in our Coupons For Your Family Coupon Database

Each week you will have items on your grocery list that you need but may not have a coupon for. You can search our databse by the product such as butter,

coupon database
We have our own coupon database which lists over 4200 coupons available. Expired coupons are automatically taken out when they expire. The database either shows you where a coupon can be found in the Sunday Newspaper Inserts or gives you a link to where you can get a printable coupon. See separate post with more detail here on how to use our database

6) Printables usually have a print limit on them. Therefore, sometimes they never make it to our database because the print limit is reached very quickly. Subscribe to our FREE daily email to get our daily posts on the newest printable coupons, freebies, sale matchups and other deals available!

7) Follow us on Social Media where we have over 150,000 followers sharing info on new deals and how they are saving money. Also see most of our posts shared there too.

Learn how to save


How much easier can it be to save everyday?

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