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Ways To Save Money

Read our Couponing 101 tips & learn how to save the smart way!

Welcome to Couponing 101 and! This is just a landing page for Couponing 101! There is tons of info on the site to show you different ways to learn how to coupon and save your family money. You can dive in and start clipping and printing away, or you can follow our easy posts and learn the smart way to coupon.  I don’t spend...

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7 Ways to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

  7 Ways to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck It may seem like a very hard thing to do, but there is a way for you to stop living paycheck to paycheck—it just requires a lot of hard work. If you dream of a day when you don’t have to worry about when you can afford certain items or what would happen in the event...

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How to Save money on Vacation

  Family vacations are important; they offer the ideal chance to bond with the kids, and with your partner, and they give everyone the chance to make some fantastic memories and unwind from the day to day life at home. However, they can be expensive, and that means that many people choose not to have a vacation, preferring instead to continue to work and not...

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3 Home Remodel Projects for Every Budget

3 Home Remodel Projects for Every Budget If you’re a new homeowner, have a fixer-upper or are just looking to modernize your old home, remodeling your home inside and out is not only going to improve your home’s livability but also add value! Here are three home improvement projects for any budget that will help you get the most bang for your buck: Bathroom One...

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4 Easy Ways to Cut Your Monthly Expenses

Ways to Cut Your Monthly Expenses If you feel like there’s never enough money to get ahead at the end of the month, you’re not alone. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 78 percent of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Gallup found that only one in three Americans actually keep a detailed budget. Instead of facing these statistics as...

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5 Ways to Celebrate a Baby Shower on a Budget!

  5 Ways to Celebrate a Baby Shower on a Budget One of the best parts about having friends or family that is pregnant is the excuse to have a baby shower!  It allows you to give the expectant mother a bit of pampering while giving her a few presents to help out when the baby arrives. There have been a few celebrity baby showers...

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3 Simple Ways to Save Money and Time

Knowing when and where to buy items is the secret to save money & time !! Everyday I have people asking me how I save money on the limited time schedule I have with working full time and running the sites. Hopefully this post will give you the insight to get on track to doing the same for your household!! Of course I cannot cover every...

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