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Coupons For Your Family has been helping families save money since 2009. Over the years, Recipes, Online deals and Weekly Ad Scans have become more in demand rather than coupon matchups since many coupons are becoming Digital

There are still many different ways to save money from gardening, to making own candles, sending for freebies and using printable coupons and Sunday Newspaper Insert Coupons and of course by using weekly store sales with coupons!  When you combine numerous ways to save money it makes a BIG difference in your bank account!

You will find a variety of these things being posted in on a weekly basis. Weekly sale and top for Tops, Wegmans, CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar and many more. You can find the links to all our store coupon matchups on our Find Your Store Coupons & Deals Page here.  

Thank you for joining us on the journey of saving money and everyday lifestyle tips.

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  1. HI Ann–How are you?? Welcome to couponing and thanks for the compliments on the site. Most of the other stores are national but there still can be differences like in Walmart and Office Max–may be similiar ads but different prices for walmart and sometimes officemax is completely different ads. Drugstores, Dollar General and Family Dollar are national. As for the other lists they are from all over. I share lists with other bloggers so they can be from anywhere in country–Publix, Kroger etc. Start couponing slowly so you do not get overwhelmed. It can be a full time job and more if you let it be:) Start with getting the newspaper and file the coupon inserts by date. Then follow our lists and we will tell you where to find in Sunday insert( these are regional too but no way in telling so I post every coupon that I know of for an item). In our weekly lists some will be printable coupons that can be directly printed and some lead you to a site to register to get coupon. You can read all of our posts about couponing here–https://www.couponsforyourfamily.com/category/coupons/coupon-education. Hope that helps –let me know if you have any questions!! Great to hear from you!!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I personally get dish soap at the drugstores but most cleaning supplies at Dollar General or Walmart. I like Dollar General because I watch their coupons and try to match Dollar General coupons with manufacturer and then go on a Saturday when they have a special coupon for $5/$25. A few weeks ago , I got 6 Clorox 96 oz, 2 Formula 409, glass cleaner, 2 clorox cleanup, aerosol air fresheners, birthday cards, 2 clorox toilet bowl cleaners and few other things cant remember–the bill came to $28 and change and I paid $16.46! One issue with DG is that their registers have issues ringing both coupons on one item. My suggestion is to ask manager to ring up on empty register otherwise have line behind you!! They will override but it needs to be a manager. Dish soaps I get Dawn or Palmolive and get when $.88 and use $.25-$1 off coupons –sometimes free sometimes more. Walmart also has good everyday prices but you csn do better st Dollar General or Family Dollar with combining their store coupons!! Hope that helps!!

    1. Hi Shiela

      Could you take a look at the updated navigation br and let me know if the stores are running off the page now? Im still workng on the nav bar but think I hve the grocery stores fixed!!!

      Thank you so much for your hel and letting me know there was an issue!!

      HAve a great day!

        1. Oh Im so happy it worked!!! Thank you for being a loyal reader and for letting me know!! I have a lot planned for the new site 🙂
          Please let me know any suggestions. Im basically building this on my own with some tech help but there is a ton to learn!!! I want to make it easy to read and easy to use so please keep the suggestions and/or issues coming!!

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