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5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending a Dime

Organize your kitchen

Wouldn't you like to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending A Dime?

Trying to organize your kitchen on a tight budget seems very challenging at first. When you start looking into the various ways to organize kitchen space, you see all kinds of gadgets that cost tons of money. That can scare some people off of the project entirely and to procrastinate. What if instead you were to find ways of getting the job done that were completely free?

Would that put some pep in your step and get you moving? If you are like most people, it probably would.

Here are five such things you can do to organize your kitchen and not spend a cent doing it:

1) Begin With a Purge

A good, proper purging is the best way to get organized with anything and your kitchen is no exception. You can be sure that most kitchens will have a ton of extras. Start in the silver ware drawer and you will probably find immediate things to donate or get rid of. How many different styles of silver ware do you have? Narrow it down if you have tons of extras.

More dishes and kitchen supplies simply mean more dishes to clean. If you have the proper amount, you are far more likely to stay on top of your kitchen. Eliminate unnecessary clutter everywhere you can and you will be shocked at the space that suddenly appears.


2) Begin Using Vertical Space

If you truly want to get organized and give yourself some space while you are at it, start using some vertical space. This means on the walls, above the sink, above your island prep areas and pretty much anywhere else in the kitchen. Most kitchens are not utilizing their vertical space well at all and a few nails can work miracles.


3) Prioritize Your Primary Tools

Your kitchen should be a like a good mechanic's garage… items that are used most often should be easily within reach. If you only use your garlic press a couple of times per month, why store it in a spot where you could instead put your coffee maker? Reorganize your kitchen with an eye towards priority management. Whatever you use the most gets the best position in the kitchen.


4) Organize Your Pantry by Food Type

Want to watch your kitchen space expand quickly? Just head to your pantry and pull everything out. Once you do this, separate each item into like groups. Check for expiration dates, items you will never use and so on and get rid of what you can. More importantly, place the items back into the pantry in order and keep like things together. This will not only help you get organized now, it will keep you that way by reducing waste. You will stop purchasing things you already had… (back behind the old Graham crackers, etc…) Repeat this process in the fridge/freezer.


5) Consider Out Of Kitchen Storage

Somewhere in your home there is a perfect place for kitchen storage. It is hiding and you are surely not going to think of it right away, but it is there. Walk your home and truly think hard about where you could put your extras that are not really needed. Perhaps you have an area that you could put your dry goods? Maybe your canned goods would fit just right in that extra closet? Considering other areas can free up all kinds of space if you have a good spot. Most homes do when you think outside the box.

These five tips are great ways to get started on de-cluttering and organizing your kitchen. The best thing is, you can do them without it costing you a dime. Give them a shot and you might be surprised at the results.!

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