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Redecorating a room into a Theater Room or Man Cave



If it were up to me, my finished basement would NOT be what it is today. Right now, the room has a lot of nice things but the teenage boys in my house have taken it over with XBOX , computers and junk!

I don't mind the 3 TVS and the beautiful wood burning stove area that is down there , but I would create it to be more stylish and have a theme. Right now there is no theme and the wires from the boys controllers, computers and STUFF seems to be everywhere and my OCD mind goes bonkers when I go down there!! Not to mention that the back corner has a very large work out gym for the boys to lift weights.

I think we could come up with a happy medium for all of us to co-exist in this room and not break the bank. I would use a combination of the following rooms:

I would combine the furniture, TV and setting from the picture on the bottom and the frame wall and flooring from the picture on the top. I think I would make the frame wall consist of classic movie images in movie poster frames on the orange wall to make it feel like a real theater room and on the hidden wall (right) of the room I would line up the kids TV's for their Xbox and computer stuff.

The workout gym would have to find another place in the house or we could sell it:)

I would love to be able to accomplish this and I think it can be done on a fairly low budget based on the fact we already have the large screen TV and the Sectional furniture. All we would need to purchase is paint, movie pictures and frames,  a few inexpensive computer type desks to match for each kid's tv and computer and we would have one very nice Theater-Hangout-ManCave room!!

This “vision” of the basement is now formally on my wish list of projects to accomplish!

What room would you like to create to make everyone in the family happy? Can you do it inexpensively or would you have to start from scratch?


Thursday 28th of May 2015

The second picture is actually better than the first one.very simple and stylish. Thanks for the time post something for the ladies


Tuesday 3rd of December 2013

My hubby would love a man cave. Thanks for the great ideas!