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Clear your Mind with Shining the Sink Methodology Get Organized / Home & Style / Household / Organizing


Clear your Mind with Shining the Sink Methodology
Clear Your Mind with Shining the Sink methodology!!

Living with 4 boys and a husband has its rewards and challenges. While I do not have to deal with the up and down emotions of a daughter, I do have to deal with the continuous reminders of cleaning their rooms, throwing their clothes down to be washed, cleaning the toilet after they use it, etc.

My 24 Hour Kitchen Cycle picture is my biggest pet peeve! My sink never stays clean. It absolutely drives me crazy….gets under my skin….puts a scoul on my face. If my kitchen sink and my counters and table are clean from dishes, food and crumbs… I am  happy camper. I can deal with some paper clutter as I am always shuffling things, but food and dishes are a no– no!!

Who else can relate?

I was never like this but over the years juggling work, kids, household items and just plain life, I have learned that the “Shining Your Sink” methodology really does clear your head and mind and encourages MOTIVATION to be able to move forward toward your priorities.

NOW how do I get the rest of my family there??? LOL– I have been known to put up signs:

Clear your Mind with Shining the Sink Methodology


I learned the Shining Your sink methodology through various classes and reading. If you are looking to get yourself into a more organized life and clear mindset, you may want to look into some of the classes and books I have read that have really helped me surge ahead in my life!! And its not just about having a clean sink but how to allow your mind to get to where you want to be in a much faster, less distracted path!

Make Today Matter Mini courses by Brook Noel

Make Today Matter Mini Classes

Make Today Matter Full Membership by Brook Noel

Make Today Matter Full Membership


Make over Your Mornings by Crystal Paine

Make Over Your Mornings


Make over Your Evenings by Crystal Paine Make Over Your Evenings

Sink Reflections book by the Fly Lady

See more Organizing tips here

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Life!  Sign up NOW for FREE Webinar…limited availability!! Get Organized / Get Organized / Home & Style / Organizing / Resources / Topics

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Life

Sign up NOW for this FREE Webinar…How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Life!!

I think in todays society, we all want to learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed by life! The days just go by in the blink of an eye and sometimes when we look back, nothing stands out but the tasks and obligations, and the joys of life are overtaken by everyday responsibilities.

In this webinar, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Crystal Paine will teach you her top 3 proven strategies to reduce (and eliminate!) the feeling of overwhelm in your life. And guess what …it is FREE!!!

You’ll be inspired by her story and encouraged with her practical tips and advice as she shares her personal experiences and how she’s successfully overcome her own struggles with feeling overwhelmed with life.

As a wife, mom of three, and successful business owner, Crystal understands the day-to-day frustrations that come with everyday responsibilities and how difficult it can be to live life with direction and passion day by day.

Join Crystal by reserving your spot in one of her upcoming LIVE webinars here and learn how you, too, can overcome the struggle of overwhelm and live life with more passion, direction, and joy!

How to Stop feeling Overwhelmed

In the LIVE webinar, Crystal will be sharing:

1) 4-step process for deciding what to say yes to & what to say no to
2) The most important question you can ask if you want more calm & less chaos in your life
3) #1 trick to get more done every single day
4)  Plus, she will be hosting a LIVE Q&A at the end of the class to answer your burning questions!



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3 Ways Reusable Grocery Bags & Collapsible Crates can make life easier!!! Amazon Deals / Deals / Home & Style / Online Deals / Organizing / Topics

3 Ways Collapsible Grocery Bags & Crates make life easier

See how Reusable Grocery Bags, Collapsible Bins & Crates can make YOUR life easier!!!

Lets face it. We all want life to make our daily lives easier. Most of us are always on the run, have minimal storage space and are always looking for ways to declutter our lives. Many parents today are working full time, rushing to sports activities, stopping at the grocery store on the way home and are trying to keep order within their homes without any extra effort. In my opinion, this company called CleverMade, has created an awesome invention to help us do just that with their reusable grocery bags and collapsible bins and crates! . I just came across this and have ordered my own 3 pack here of the Clever Crates and a my own 3 pack here of the SnapBasket. I can’t wait to get them but I had to share as soon as I saw these.

CleverMade SnapBasket


  • No more broken cheap grocery bag handles
  • Convenient zip pouch for coupons, wallet and cell phone so you don’t have to take your purse into the grocery store
  • Perfect for your quick run into Aldi for produce bread and milk. Put all into the same bag without worrying about smushing your bread with the patented snap hinges.

CleverMade Collapsible Crates:

  • Stack these crates right in the grocery cart for easy unloading into the car and carrying into the house
  • Easy storage under the seat of car or home in a cabinet

Here are 3 ways I will use these Reusable Grocery Bags and Collapsible Bins!


1) On the Run trips to the grocery store

Reusable Grocery Bags

These are perfect for trips to the grocery store especially for Aldi shopping trips where there aren’t any bags available. Having to carry boxes of groceries and then disposing of those boxes when home is not something I like. I also do not like to take my entire purse in if I dont have to.  The grocery bags can be used for quick trips to Aldi, Tops Markets and Wegmans and the crates for large shopping trips where I can stack them in the cart and use the zip pouch for my wallet, phone and coupons. Plus no more smushed items!

2) Work 

Collapsible Bins

I am a traveling floorcovering salesperson by day and visit 5-7 customers per day. I basically live out of my vehicle and have to carry heavy hardwood, tile and vinyl samples. The larger and stronger collapsible crates will be perfect for me! Many of the samples are too large but many of our new introductions like above will fit in the collapsible bins and carried into customers very easily without scratching them. Many other occupations such as Teachers, Salepeople, Mechanics and tons more can make their lives easier by having these! I can’t wait to get mine!

3) Home

collapsible bins

There are so many options for these crates to be used at home! They are very versatile.

Storage: We moved from a 2700 sf house with a 2 1/2 car garage to an 1800 sf house with no garage. We have no space. We have numberous bins taking up valuable space when not in use. The collapsible crates will be perfect for when we need to use them AND perfect for when we just need to store them!

Moms: Mom’s have so many ways to use these collapsible crates! Sports equipment, collapsible laundry baskets, cleaning from floor to floor, kids toys, gardening, craft project storage, cleaning suppply holder, pantry storage, from home to vehicle transport and many more!!

Organization: There are many different sizes of these bins, so you can even organize your pantry, laundry room, under the sinks, garage and tools and much more!!

Ready to try them??

These sturdy Reusable Grocery Bags can be purchased as a 3 pack for under $40 here

buy this deal here

The small Collapsible Crates can be purchased for under $15 each! See the entire collection here

buy this deal here

5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending a Dime Get Organized / Living On Less / Organizing / Resources / Topics

Organize your kitchen

Wouldn’t you like to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending A Dime?

Trying to organize your kitchen on a tight budget seems very challenging at first. When you start looking into the various ways to organize kitchen space, you see all kinds of gadgets that cost tons of money. That can scare some people off of the project entirely and to procrastinate. What if instead you were to find ways of getting the job done that were completely free?

Would that put some pep in your step and get you moving? If you are like most people, it probably would.

Here are five such things you can do to organize your kitchen and not spend a cent doing it:

1) Begin With a Purge

A good, proper purging is the best way to get organized with anything and your kitchen is no exception. You can be sure that most kitchens will have a ton of extras. Start in the silver ware drawer and you will probably find immediate things to donate or get rid of. How many different styles of silver ware do you have? Narrow it down if you have tons of extras.

More dishes and kitchen supplies simply mean more dishes to clean. If you have the proper amount, you are far more likely to stay on top of your kitchen. Eliminate unnecessary clutter everywhere you can and you will be shocked at the space that suddenly appears.


2) Begin Using Vertical Space

If you truly want to get organized and give yourself some space while you are at it, start using some vertical space. This means on the walls, above the sink, above your island prep areas and pretty much anywhere else in the kitchen. Most kitchens are not utilizing their vertical space well at all and a few nails can work miracles.


3) Prioritize Your Primary Tools

Your kitchen should be a like a good mechanic’s garage… items that are used most often should be easily within reach. If you only use your garlic press a couple of times per month, why store it in a spot where you could instead put your coffee maker? Reorganize your kitchen with an eye towards priority management. Whatever you use the most gets the best position in the kitchen.


4) Organize Your Pantry by Food Type

Want to watch your kitchen space expand quickly? Just head to your pantry and pull everything out. Once you do this, separate each item into like groups. Check for expiration dates, items you will never use and so on and get rid of what you can. More importantly, place the items back into the pantry in order and keep like things together. This will not only help you get organized now, it will keep you that way by reducing waste. You will stop purchasing things you already had… (back behind the old Graham crackers, etc…) Repeat this process in the fridge/freezer.


5) Consider Out Of Kitchen Storage

Somewhere in your home there is a perfect place for kitchen storage. It is hiding and you are surely not going to think of it right away, but it is there. Walk your home and truly think hard about where you could put your extras that are not really needed. Perhaps you have an area that you could put your dry goods? Maybe your canned goods would fit just right in that extra closet? Considering other areas can free up all kinds of space if you have a good spot. Most homes do when you think outside the box.

These five tips are great ways to get started on de-cluttering and organizing your kitchen. The best thing is, you can do them without it costing you a dime. Give them a shot and you might be surprised at the results.!

Looking for more?

Make sure to check out these great books on Organizing Your Kitchen!


Topic: Organize Your Kitchen

Are you worn out and need direction?….Get Organized with Make Over Your Mornings! Deals / Get Organized / Get Organized / Organizing / Topics

Get Organized with Make Over your Mornings

Get Organized with Make Over your Mornings!!!

I am NOT a morning person but I do try to get my priorities in line the night before so I know what direction to go in the morning!
I consider myself fairly organized, however, with working a Full time + Day Job, running my websites, and raising a blended family of 6 along with trying to keep my house clean and saving money….SOME DAYS ARE WAY OUT OF CONTROL and I sometimes feel I am missing out on the important things in life!

Crystal Paine of does a great job to motivate and help you get things prioritized in her new Make Over Your Mornings Course so you can be more productive, efficient and happy with all of the hats we all have to wear!!


Get Organized with Make Over Your Mornings Course — a 14-day online course that includes videos, a workbook, and step-by-step projects.

This 14-day course is designed to help you revolutionize your productivity, streamline your routines, invest your time in things that truly matter, and find more joy and peace in the process.

DON’T worry about having enough time to complete the course! The course has specifically been set up so that each day’s reading and assignment can be done in just 15 minutes or less!  Each of the 14 days, you’ll read a short chapter, watch a short video that includes practical tips and encouragement, and a project to complete to help you implement what you’ve learned that day.Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.53.50 AM

The Make Over Your Mornings Course will help you:

  • Develop a morning routine and before bed routine
  • Streamline your morning tasks
  • Learn how to make to-do lists that support your day
  • Create realistic, but stretching goals
  • Discover the power of accountability and how to implement it into your life
  • Establish internal and external motivations to create perseverance in your new routines
  • Find time to refuel your tank and make space in your day for things you love
  • Experience much more focus, organization, and clarity in your daily life


When you purchase this course, you’ll get immediate access to all of the following:

  • 14 high-quality videos with motivational encouragement
  • Short video clips that give you a behind-the-scenes peek into Crystal’s everyday home and life
  • A comprehensive workbook with 14 chapters filled with practical ideas and inspirational encouragement
  • Daily projects to guide you on your 14-day journey and help you implement and apply what you learned from the daily video and chapter
  • Printable worksheets to walk you step-by-step through some of the projects and motivate you to follow through
  • Additional links and resources for each day, if you’d like to dig deeper on a subject

How to access the course:

The course videos and materials can be accessed via any desktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone, or mobile device. You can choose to print the workbook or download it to your computer or phone.  And, it is all self-paced!  Begin and end as it works for you as there are no deadlines.  Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to all course downloads upon purchase.

Cost of the course:

The 14 day course will normally retail for $17, however, there is a HUGE sale to take advantage of to get all of the help you need for less!  Starting tomorrow, June 2nd, you can save by ordering early:

  • 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. – only $10!
  • 5 p.m. – 12 a.m. – only $13!


Go here to get your discounted copy and Get Organized with Make Over Your Mornings

New Freebies Offer: Start a Free Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine Decorating / Do It Yourself / Freebies / Organizing / Topics

More Freebies for you!!

We are now remodeling our 3rd and LAST house 🙂 Free Magazines and Newsleters like these from Lowes have helped me to come up with ideas for all the rooms in my house so make sure to sign up for tis frebbies offer!
Lowe’s allows users to sign up and start a free subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden magazine (also available to order in Spanish)! Click the ‘Subscribe Today’ link on the very bottom right of the page. Then sign up on the next page and be sure to check off the box to receive your free print subscription.

Check out more Freebies Posts here

Do you like getting freebies? If so, then don’t forget to see what items you may want on our weekly How to Shop for Free list that shows how to get FREE items at stores using coupons!

Our  Shop For Free list is updated every week and published on Mondays–> Shop for Free Weekly List

Topic: Freebies

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If it were up to me, my finished basement would NOT be what it is today. Right now, the room has a lot of nice things but the teenage boys in my house have taken it over with XBOX , computers and junk!

I don’t mind the 3 TVS and the beautiful wood burning stove area that is down there , but I would create it to be more stylish and have a theme. Right now there is no theme and the wires from the boys controllers, computers and STUFF seems to be everywhere and my OCD mind goes bonkers when I go down there!! Not to mention that the back corner has a very large work out gym for the boys to lift weights.

I think we could come up with a happy medium for all of us to co-exist in this room and not break the bank. I would use a combination of the following rooms:

I would combine the furniture, TV and setting from the picture on the bottom and the frame wall and flooring from the picture on the top. I think I would make the frame wall consist of classic movie images in movie poster frames on the orange wall to make it feel like a real theater room and on the hidden wall (right) of the room I would line up the kids TV’s for their Xbox and computer stuff.

The workout gym would have to find another place in the house or we could sell it:)

I would love to be able to accomplish this and I think it can be done on a fairly low budget based on the fact we already have the large screen TV and the Sectional furniture. All we would need to purchase is paint, movie pictures and frames,  a few inexpensive computer type desks to match for each kid’s tv and computer and we would have one very nice Theater-Hangout-ManCave room!!

This “vision” of the basement is now formally on my wish list of projects to accomplish!

What room would you like to create to make everyone in the family happy? Can you do it inexpensively or would you have to start from scratch?

Deals / Free Samples & Coupons / Freebies / Organizing / Topics


I think I may have found the program that will work to keep my life in order.

If you could see the mound of paper on my desk and dining room table you would cringe. I clean it off as often as I can but I just can’t keep ahead.

On top of that I have my day job schedule and customers to schedule and see plus tasks along with blog tasks and schedule and the household, kids, medical….blah, blah blah.

So I need some help desperately.

I am trying this new program to help me–About One Digital Organizer. I can take pictrues of receipts, memories, enter appts and just maybe be able to get organized!

Try it for yourself is FREE–> Free Organizer

NOTE:-The calendar feature will not be added until next month

Daily Deals / Deals / EXPIRED / Freebies / Organizing / Topics

With all of the Daily Deals out there, it is almost impossible to keep track of what deals you have purchased, from who and when they expire!!

No worries anymore with the new program from Couptivate. Track every daily deal you buy in one place!

And it’s free to become a member and track your Daily Deal purchases!!

Sign up for your free account here–>

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