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My families favorite cookie is Sour Cream Cut Outs. I make them for many holidays- Halloween, Valentines and Christmas.
These can also be made in standard circles by using the top of a glass for a cookie cutter for a great cookie snack year round!

This year my stockpile of ingredients was low so I needed to quickly get the ingredients with very little time to cut coupons so I went to ALDI to get my missing ingredients because they have the some of lowest everyday prices on baking ingredients.

Many times around the Holiday’s, I think most of us run out of time and have items we need to buy and just do not have the extra 1/2 hour to cut coupons.

The items I was missing for Holiday cookies that I purchased were as follows:

Brown Sugar $1.19
Butter Quarters $1.89
Baking Sprinkles $.99
Baking Powder $.99
Baking Cocoa $2.49
Pure Vanilla $1.99
Sour Cream $1.29
Pure Vanilla $1.99
4lb Sugar $1.89
Large Eggs, dozen $1.19


I like to shop at ALDI because it is quick and easy to find the items they have in store. All of my baking products were located in the first row and I was in the store 15 minutes and on my way home to bake! Not only was I able to get the above baking items but as I rounded the store on the way to check out, I saw a Ham for only $.99lb! I could not resist and bought it for our Christmas Eve get together.

If you are unfamiliar with shopping at ALDI, you must take a quarter with you to get a shopping cart. This is to keep costs down in hiring Cart attendants. Once you are done shopping and return the cart, you receive your quarter back! Also make sure to bring Recyclable Bags with you. ALDI does not give you bags to carry your groceries out in. This is another way for the costs to stay low. There are empty boxes in store that can also be used or you can purchase paper or plastic bags there at a low cost.

As you are planning your savings methods for 2013, make sure to keep Aldi’s in mind for those times you need to shop with out coupons. They have great seasonal specials along with everyday low pricing. Every week we post the ALDI special buys on Wednesday and on Sunday we publish the full Sale/Seasonal list Aldi has to offer that week. These lists can be viewed here–> Aldi Weekly Deals

Make sure to check out the Holiday recommendations from Aldi’s:

Suggested Shopping Items
ALDI Wine Pairing Tips
Holiday Entertaining Tips


[seo_recipe id=”118249″]

The time to make the cookies doesn’t take long. Here is an image of my baked cookies without frosting:


Frosting the cookies is what takes time. I am NOT a great cookie decorator but I did try to make this years Christmas cookies look more decorative.

To make your own frosting see recipe I used below:

[seo_recipe id=”118251″]

Storage of these cookies can be difficult as the frosting melts or sticks to cookie below if stacked.

As I frosted these, I put them back on a cookie sheet and put in freezer while I frosted another pan. I then transferred the frozen cookies to a tupperware container and used freezer paper in between the layers of cookies to keep the frosting from transferring to other layer of cookies!

I store these in the freezer until ready to make a platter of cookies to eat. They thaw very quick.


“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for ALDI. I received a gift certificate to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”


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    These look super yummy!

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