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3 Home Remodel Projects for Every Budget Decorating / Do It Yourself / For The Home / Home & Style / Money Tips / Ways To Save Money

Home Remodel Projects

3 Home Remodel Projects for Every Budget

If you’re a new homeowner, have a fixer-upper or are just looking to modernize your old home, remodeling your home inside and out is not only going to improve your home’s livability but also add value!

Here are three home improvement projects for any budget that will help you get the most bang for your buck:


One of the most frequently used rooms in your home is probably your bathroom, for obvious reasons. Bathroom remodels have been proven to increase your home’s resale value and can provide you with up to an 80 percent return on investment. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home anytime soon, a bathroom remodel can provide safety, comfort, and improved aesthetics for your home.

Before you start on your bathroom remodel project, you’ll need to take a couple things into consideration like what your goals are for your bathroom and how much your bathroom remodel cost will be. If you’re on a budget, you can implement more cost-friendly remodeling techniques like maybe only doing a minor bathroom remodel vs. a full bathroom remodel or simply giving your bathroom a coat of paint on the walls or cabinets. You can remodel your bathroom the way you envision and still stick to your budget. Once you take these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to transform your bathroom from drab to fab.

Living Room Update

Another great way to invest in your home is to upgrade your living room. If you’re on a tight budget you may want to opt in for adding small accessories or pops of color instead of completely remodeling your living room. But whether your living room is outdated or just needs a little sprucing up, the following are ways you can give your living room a face lift:
• Install or refinish your hardwood flooring
• Select an accent wall to paint
• Replace or reupholster your furniture
• Add new light fixtures like table or floor lamps
• Accessorize with accent pillows on your couch
• Hang some cool pieces of art or picture frames

Just like an room in your home, you’ll need to decide if you want a colorful living space or maybe settle for some warmer tones. Choosing the right style for your living room is key since it’s the one common area that you and your guests will see the most.

Basement Conversion

If you’re looking to add even more value to your home, then it’s time to clean out that old basement (or attic) and turn it into something you can use! Converting your basement into a livable space will give you more useable square footage and increase your resale value down the road. You’ll have to first think about insulation and flooring, and then proceed with your project. Your basement should match the rest of your house as far as color schemes and decor. Perhaps you want to turn your basement into a spare bedroom, office or den, “man cave,” or second living room. A complete basement remodel might be pricey but it’s ROI can make it worth it.
Now that you have a better idea of your vision and budget for your home, you’ll be able to remodel with ease. Investing in your home now will improve habitability for the present and increase value for the future.



How to make Poo Pourri Spray for less than $3 bottle!!! Do It Yourself / Home & Style / Young Living Essential Oils

DIY Poo Pourri Spray

Who wants to know how to make Poo Pourri Spray for less than $3 bottle?

The new rave I have seen so many people buying is Poo Pourri Spray! My job to help you save money is to come up with comparable alternatives. I cannot bring myself to spend $5-$8 a bottle of VIPoo spray BUT I live with 5 males….need I say more??!!! LOL. So I decided to use my Essential Oils and make my own 4 oz bottle that sits in our bathroom which is what is in the picture above. Most people seem to want a 2 oz bottle so my price comparison is based on a purse size 2 oz bottle.

Average amount of drops per Young Living Essential Oils is 5ml bottle is approx 85 drops

5ml Lavender Wholesale $23.50 bottle= $.27 per drop
5ml Grapefruit Wholesale $7.50 bottle= $.09 per drop


2 oz Glass Spray bottles

How to make your own:

2 oz  Glass Bottles= $1 bottle (buy in bulk and make perfume, air freshener sprays and much more!!)
4 drops Lavender Essential Oils = $1.08
4 drops Grapefruit Essential Oils = $.36
1 tsp Unscented Witch Hazel (you can also use Vodka or Alcohol) = $.50
Fill rest with filtered water (or distilled water but will have additional cost)= $0
Final Cost per 2 oz bottle = $2.94

You can also add any other blends of oils such as Lemon, Peppermint or Orange Oil depending on your preferences!


Compare this too the ViPoo Spray cost bottle from $4.70-$8 per bottle!! Thats more than 50% savings!!!


Learn how to save money by buying your own personal essential oils at distributor cost in our Using Essential Oils post here or you can sign up yourself right here to buy retail or begin buying at distributor cost! Feel free to comment or email me with any questions at!

Essential Oils

Want to learn more? We will be posting ideas for using Essential Oils so make sure to sign up for our Essential Oil Newsletter here

(if you already subscribe to our daily newsletter for deals the Oil Uses will be included there also but I know some only want the oil info not the deals )



Checklist for a Do It Yourself Bathroom Makeover on a Budget Decorating / Do It Yourself / Living On Less / Resources / Topics

Checklist for Do It Yourself Bathroom Makeover

Be sure to make a thorough Checklist for a Do It Yourself Bathroom Makeover on a Budget!!

Making a plan and checklist will save frusteration AND Money!! We are just in the planning stages of this bathroom makeover. Bathroom makeovers can cost thousands of dollars if you allow it so you need to make sure you have a good plan and a list. This is the third and LAST house we will be renovating and this bathroom is one that needs a total gut job!!

Take a look at these great pictures of our current UGLY and DISFUNCTIONAL bathroom:

our ugly bathroom


Why are we gutting this bathroom?
– The walls are not drywall, they are cheap melamine type material.
– There wasn’t a shower, so we just added a shower head to the bathroom faucet, and we had to buy a rounded shower curtain rod and add an extra curtain at the end to stop the water from going into a wall storage center at the end of the tub!! We did this all knowing we would have to replace it but we had other projects to tackle first. Now the wall in the shower is peeling and starting to bow.
– There is a window in the shower
– The vanity is only 24 inches wide with little storage underneath.
– The tub and sink are GREEN
– The medicine cabinet is from the 1950’s I think 🙂
– I don’t understand the tile design at the top of the sink and the tub….

I took the picture once we started gutting it and so the place where the tools are, behind the door, was once a wall that had a very large hallway on the other side. We blew that wall out so we can have a larger vanity and some storage.

SO on to the planning….There are many items that can be forgotten about when planning a Do It Yourself Bathroom Makeover, so hopefully this list will help you!

First decide your color scheme you would like, whether blues, greys, greens, beiges, whites etc.

Use a color wheel to help you choose your colors or maybe even an app like FloorVana by Shaw Floors which is made to choose colors for flooring, but you can take a picture that has the colors you love, and it will choose your color bank from the picture you love!! You can then base your entire room color theme from that


Ipad APP link-
Iphone App link-
Sink/Vanity Area:
When planning these items keep in mind storage needed, and color/ finish preference of fixtures along with the entire room design.

  1. Vanity/ Sink Stand– type, size, storage needed or just modern table type
  2. Sink– how many- type and color
  3. Bathroom Faucet color of finish, style (make sure the faucet you pick will fit the sink you choose
  4. Vanity Top– type (laminate, granite/silkstone etc) and color.
  5. Medicine Cabinet or Mirror
  6. Towel bar– where, size, color
  7. Electricity/Lighting– are you going to be putting on your makeup here? Blowdrying, curling? Make sure to have right lighting and outlets.
  8. Storage of Toothbrushes, personal items


Shower/Tub area:

  1. Tub/shower together or both separate? Custom shower? What type of tub? choose Color
  2. Tub surround– ceramic tile or one piece surround? then color, etc. Don’t forget mildew resistant materials. Color of caulk, grouts, shampoo/soap holders?
  3. Shower heads and faucets–single or double, how many settings, rain shower or standard, color of finish
  4. Shower Doors or Curtain? Or Custom Glass block shower, choose door, type of block, color, etc
  5. Towel bar – outside/inside shower?
  6. If you are building from the studs, make sure to get correct type of drywall for wet areas or concrete board.

Toilet area:

  1. Toilet….type of flush, height, color
  2. Storage– cabinet above toilet? match vanity or contrast
  3. Where to put the toilet paper holder 🙂 – style, color

In a small bathroom, this is very important in the planning stages!

  1. Where to keep towels/washclothes- linen closet, vanity?
  2. Where to keep daily toiletries for each household member using bathroom
  3. Where to keep extra toiletries

My suggestions are an extra cabinet built into wall thickness like a medicine cabinet flush to the wall in tight spaces, towel/toiletries closet or cabinet. Baskets work well for daily items.


  1. Choose type–Ceramic, Vinyl Sheet goods, Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank, Hardwood, Laminate? Take into consideration if DIY or professional installation.
  2. Choose color


  1. Tile or Paint- some of each? Color


Did you notice how important COLOR is in all of the selections are above?

Now how to do all of this on a budget?

– shop auctions and craigs list. Don’t be afraid to paint a vanity
– pre-shop online and compare prices for the items you must buy
– use online coupon codes and no interest payment terms if shopping at Home Centers
– choose practical items with a touch of flair to modernize the over all look. You can paint an old vanity to make it look almost new but adding new tiles or nice counter top to give it a more expensive look and modern
– make sure all of the fixtures in the bathroom are the same finish for professional overall look.
– if you have existing shower doors, you can paint them to make them updated!
– choose neutral colors for floors, walls and any tiles so you can easily change accent colors over the years.
– reuse any existing fixtures/materials you can
– do as much of the work yourself as you can as labor if very expensive.


I will make sure to update this post with a link to our finished bathroom with all of the details once its completed!!


Topic: Do It Yourself Bathroom Makeover

Do It Yourself and Save Project: How to Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets Decorating / Do It Yourself / For The Home / Home & Style / Resources / Topics

How To Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Have you always wondered How To Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

We moved to a 1930’s house on Lake Erie in a Blizzard in the middle of December and we have finally finished the entire first floor! It had last been renovated in the 60’s and the house had good structure just needed some updating and redesign for our busy family! The original oven would not even fit a turkey to feed our family!

I had always wanted to paint my oak kitchen cabinets black in our last house but I was nervous to do it, so I never did. Well, in this house we were ripping out the carpet and ceramic tile and replacing them with Shaw Maple Handscraped Hardwood Floors, so I knew the cabinets could not remain an oak stain.

All of the Home Centers sell Cabinet Paint kits and special things to show you How To Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets, but I was unsure of using the kits. I am most comfortable using standard paints and primers so that is what I did! I used to only use Behr Paint from Home Depot, but have since started shopping at Lowes so I used the Valspar Brand of paints for this project. I did not use the Valspar Signature Paint because we had left over Valspar Drywall Primer, so I used that to prime the cabinets and the Valspar Ultra Line of paint. There is a special Cabinet Primer but I did not want to waste what I had and the Paint Dept at Lowes told me it would work fine, and it did.

Step by Step How to Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets:

1) I cleaned all the cabinets with TSP Heavy Cleaner diluted with water and a Scotch Brite Scrub Pad. This cleans any grease and polish, and the Scrub pad helps to scuff up the urethane finish that was already on the cabinets. You could also lightly sand the cabinets if desired, but I only lightly sanded the new unfinished cabinets we added for the island as a few of them had a rough finish.

How to Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets

2) Once dried , I began adding priming on the cabinets. We took the cabinet doors off to prime and paint and of course the handles. I was very concerned whether I should brush the paint on or use a foam roller. I had already tried rolling a different cabinet with a standard paint roller and I did not like the finish. I decided to brush the primer on and just made sure there weren’t drips and there were continuous paint strokes on the cabinet doors. It also helped to fill in the grain of the oak much better than rolling and had a more natural look.



How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets


3) I let the primer dry over a couple of days so it was not possible to do this project in a weekend.  I wanted to make sure it was dried and hardened before applying paint. One day would have been sufficient, but I would not paint any earlier than that. Notice the primer color looks white. It is actually grayish white which you can not see in the picture. The entire priming and painting process of this was over a few weekends.


4) Start to Paint!! The colors used on our cabinets were Valspar Ultra – color Ultra White and Valspar Ultra- color Dark Kettle Black.  Both were in Satin finish as I did not want any gloss. I was unsure if the paint on the bottom cabinets was going to be black or white, so I did not have the primer tinted. If I were to do it all over, I would tint the primer to be a dark base if painting black. The black on the bottom cabinets showed numerous streaks of white showing through, but it was fine with a second coat of paint and touch ups. The upper white cabinets actually took 2-3 coats of paint as there were spots that were turning yellowish from the wood stain coming through.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

 Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center

5) Most important tip I can give is not to rush through this! Allow time to dry completely between coats. You will be able to feel the difference just by touching the cabinet. If it feels soft then it is not ready to have another coat. We did not put a sealer on the cabinets, and at this time I am undecided whether we will need one. The first coat of black paint showed white scuff marks as we were using the kitchen. I believe around the island, where there is continuous scraping from legs and chairs, we will need to finish with a sealer or glaze eventually.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The cost of the priming and painting project was approximately $250 for the paint, primer and the new cabinet handles!!

The most expensive part of the room was the Black Labrador Granite Countertops including new sink installation $5400 which cost us more than our entire first floor remodel!

Other Items purchased and Saved Hundreds for Kitchen Remodel:

Lights:  Pottery Barn RUSTIC GLASS 5-LIGHT PENDANT $319 less 15% coupon code= $272
Oven:    Whirlpool Gold 30 in. Single Electric Wall Oven Self-Cleaning with Convection in Stainless Steel net price paid $1327 when on sale at Lowes (the store matched Online price $1474 plus 10% coupon)
Crown Molding added on cabinets: $30
Refrigerator:   Frigidaire Gallery 23 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth paid $1850 when on sale at Home Depot-  Orvilles Store matched price
Island made of (4) Lowes Unfinished Cabinets and one cabinet next to Refrigerator: on sale plus 10% of coupon= $334 less 10%= $300
In Island Mini Fridge bought on Amazon $200 Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center
New Faucet– Delta 9178-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Chrome $176
Floor- Shaw Epic Hardwood Autumn Ridge color 216 Oat Straw (I am an employee so cannot disclose cost!)

90% of the kitchen is new with Brand Name high end products for $9495 when most kitchen remodels are $20,000-$50,000! Had we not installed granite we would have been under $5000! Most of our savings was because I shopped all sales and discounts available plus we did all of the work ourselves with the exception of the Granite.

So what do you think?

Would you Paint Your Oak Kitchen Cabinets? It is a very inexpensive way to give your kitchen a complete upgrade for under a couple of hundred dollars!

Do It Yourself: Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How To Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets

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Topic: Do It Yourself and Save Project: How to Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating / Do It Yourself / For The Home / Resources / Topics


DIY Chalkboard Projects

DIY Chalkboard Projects are so unique and modern looking and you can do them very inexpensively!

I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn but most items are out of my budget! I did end up buying lighting and some organizational boards from them but more about how I did that on a budget later!
SO anyhow ….. I saw this “Lifes Recipe” sign and chalkboard and wanted it back in 2011:

DIY Chalkboard Projects

I could not afford to spend over $300 to buy this exact size (3 packages of (4) Chalkboard Tiles so I put my thinking cap on and came up with a solution under $5!

I originally used a flat cardboard box to make this because thats all I had, but I have since upgraded to a piece of thin laminated board !

Steps to Decorate with DIY Chalkboard Projects:

1) Find a stiff material you have around the house that is the size of the sign you want to make. There are numerous items you already have that would work, even cardboard or heavy packaging materials. You can also visit a local wallpaper store or flooring store and ask for a panel on a discontinued sample, etc (these normally are just thrown out). One of my local flooring stores gave me a thin piece of laminated board for my 2nd version of the “Lifes Recipe”. Cost = FREE

2) Grab a can of Rustoleum Chalkboard Spray Paint and paint your sign platform. Allow to dry for 3-4 hours. Cost= $3-4

3) Grab a piece of chalk and write your favorite quote or make a family calendar, menu plan or place for notes!  Cost= under $1 for full box!

4) Drill or cut 2 holes in the sign and add rope or string that you have in your house to hang your masterpiece on your wall! Cost= FREE

We just moved to a house on Lake Erie so I also added a “Welcome to the Lake” at the top for guests to see when they walk in our home:

DIY Chalkboard Projects

And here is a close up so you can make your own Lifes Recipe Chalkboard Sign!

DIY Chalkboard Projects


If you are not at all crafty and you would still like a Chalkboard Decoration, here are some options you can buy and add your own quote:

Walmart: McCall Wallies Peel and Stick Vinyl Panels, pack of 4 $13.99 

Amazon: WallCandy Arts Chalkboard Panel Wall Decal Kit $43.77

Home Depot: Buy an unframed Chalkboard for $9.97


Topic: DIY Chalkboard Projects

New Freebies Offer: Start a Free Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine Decorating / Do It Yourself / Freebies / Organizing / Topics

More Freebies for you!!

We are now remodeling our 3rd and LAST house 🙂 Free Magazines and Newsleters like these from Lowes have helped me to come up with ideas for all the rooms in my house so make sure to sign up for tis frebbies offer!
Lowe’s allows users to sign up and start a free subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Home and Garden magazine (also available to order in Spanish)! Click the ‘Subscribe Today’ link on the very bottom right of the page. Then sign up on the next page and be sure to check off the box to receive your free print subscription.

Check out more Freebies Posts here

Do you like getting freebies? If so, then don’t forget to see what items you may want on our weekly How to Shop for Free list that shows how to get FREE items at stores using coupons!

Our  Shop For Free list is updated every week and published on Mondays–> Shop for Free Weekly List

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DIY Projects, Household Tips and Recipe Roundup: Spring Cleaning, DIY Laundry Soap & more Cooking / Deals / Do It Yourself / Enter to Win / Homemade Items / Household / Recipes / Resources / Topics

DIY Projects

 Check out these great DIY Projects, Household Tips and Recipe Roundup of posts from my fellow Bloggers!!

We have a great group of bloggers that share information. One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting new people and exploring new blogs.  This week I got to work with 4 other great ladies and visit their blogs from the Mission Giveaway Group. I cant possibly put as much content on Coupons For Your Family as I would like to so it’s fun to see what everyone else is up to and I wanted to share some of that with you!




You have to try this amazing no bake oreo cheesecake cookie recipe.

My blogger friend Layne has a great description of this recipe I posted :

“Oreos. Cream Cheese. Chocolate. Oh. My. Word. Let’s please all take a moment of silence while we listen to my thighs jiggle! So while this will be a treat in moderation {.. or attempted moderation} I love that the entire batch cost her less than $3 to make and was quick to do! Some days, I need a treat for company coming over and don’t have much free time to get in the kitchen. These would be the perfect thing to serve!”

Thanks Layne–they are really good and highly addictive!!



pork chops

Stephanie from Two Girls and Some Coupon$ has a really easy and tasty recipe posted for un-stuffed pork chops. I love her creativity and how easy this recipe looks. I’m all about quick and simple without skimping on flavor! This is sure to become a family favorite!

DIY Projects & Household Tips



Julia at Couponing to be Debt Free has a free spring cleaning checklist to print! The sunshine and warmer air we’ve been experiencing this last week has made me stir crazy to say the least. I’ve also noticed a lot of smudges and spots that we couldn’t see in the winter darkness. So I’m taking advantage of the next few nap times and tackling this list little by little!



Jenni over at Sweet Pennies from Heaven has her super simple, three ingredient homemade laundry soap recipe available! I use this personally and it is GREAT! It cleans well and isn’t packed with harsh chemicals. I also love that one batch will last for awhile, so it’s very convenient to use.


all natural tub scrub

Layne at My Best Laid Plans has her all natural tub scrub recipe posted. It’s easy to make with only four ingredients and it cleans incredibly well. Since it’s all natural, it’s safe to use around kids and pets without being worried about harsh fumes or chemicals. If you have a dirty tub or sink on your spring cleaning list, make sure to check it out!




Topic: DIY Projects














Thanks for hopping around with us today.  Have a great weekend!

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Make sure to leave a comment also!!


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