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Use this Price Guide for your School Supplies List!!

School Supplies List

With Back to School buying season in full swing already, you may be interested in this Price Guide for your School Supplies List! I have compiled a list of the lowest prices usually seen for popular school supplies and the sale price ranges for these items. These prices are only this low during Back to School Season and sometimes only available for a one week at certain stores!

Example how to read the School Supplies List:

I listed the 24 count box of Crayola Crayons at low price of $.25. I would stock up on Crayola Crayons whenever I find them priced at 25¢ or less. Since Back to School sales are already starting up again in full swing, you should have an opportunity to snag the low prices on this list or for less if you just wait patiently over the next few weeks and watch .

You can access the full list here and download or print it.


Crayola Crayons 24 ct ­ $.25
Store Brand Crayons $.10-$.20
Colored Pencils 12 ct ­ $.25- $1
Crayola Washable Markers ­ $.75 – $1
Pencils ­ $.01- $.03 per pencil
Mechanical Pencils ­ $.05 ­- $.10 per pencil
Ball Point Pens ­ FREE ­ – $1
Dry Erase Markers = $.25 per marker
#2 Pencils = $.01-$.03 per pencil
Mechanical Pencils = $.10 – $.17 per pencil
Sharpie Singles = $.25
Highlighters = FREE to $.25 per highlighter


School supplies List


2-Pocket Folder = $.01 – $.25
Copy Paper = FREE – $1 – usually after rewards
Filler Paper = FREE – $.25 – usually after rewards
Photo Paper = FREE  – usually after rewards
Spiral Notebook = $.01 – $.50
Composition Book = $.10 – $.50
Index Cards, 100 ct pack = $.01 – $.50

Organization & other supplies

Binders = $.75- $1.99
Rulers = $.01- $.25
Protractor/Compass = $1
Pencil Sharpener = $.50
Big Pink Erasers = FREE – $.50
Cap Erasers = $.01
Glue = $.25
Glue Stick = $.25
Scissors = $.50-$1
Pencil Case = $.01- $.25
White Out Correction Fluid = $1 each
5-tab Dividers = $.01 to $.50
Facial Tissue = $.75 or less per box
Disinfectant Wipes canisters (name brand) = $2 or less
Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz = $2 or less
Paper Towels = $.50 or less per roll

School Supplies List


Walmart- Generic back packs smaller size as low as $2.47
Walmart- Backpacks from $5.88- $30
Amazon-  Under Armour Backpacks from $20.79- $99
Amazon-  Vera Bradley Backpacks from $20.79- $129
Amazon- Kids Character Backpacks $3.99-$19.99

Lunch Boxes

Amazon- Insulated Lunch Boxes- $3.19- $29.99

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dorm room checklist

Watch for limited time deals on Back to School here


Back to School Deals


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  1. I’m so glad that my kids school’s PTA provides all of their school supplies! Thanks for making this list though, I can always use more supplies at home!

  2. Sadie Wise Sadie Wise Says:

    Store brand *crayons?? Not coupons I’m guessing

  3. sorry there was atypo in the image!! coupons instead of crayons 🙂 thats what happens when doing things to fast!!

  4. […] Use this Price Guide for your School Supplies List!! […]

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