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Start the New Year out right with a Gratitude and Anxiety Journal!

Gratitude and Anxiety Journal

Gratitude and Anxiety Journal with Prompts

Start out the New Year right with this easy 5 minute, 4 step gratitude and anxiety journal with prompts to be mindful and positive in your everyday life! This mindfulness journal is great to give yourself a grounded start to your day and end of your day

gratitude journal with prompts

The easiest tool to transform your life… just 4 steps in 5 minutes per day!

  • Overcome habits that contribute to anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts and replace them with gratitude and positive thinking that leads to health, happiness, and success
  • Improve your mental health, mood, sleep, self-esteem, relationships and more
  • Reduce your anxiety, stress, fear, fatigue, and toxic emotions such as regret and depression

5 minute gratitude journal

Gratitude Journal with Prompts

Don’t get swept up in the negativity and busy lifestyles we all have. Start and end your day positively with the Gratitude and Anxiety journal for women and men!

  • Ideal for busy people who find it hard to find time to journal. You could spend as little as 5 minutes per day
  • Simple set up to make journaling easy and maintain consistency
  • Lists of prompts like What made you smile today” to make your gratitude journal process easy
  • Beautiful paperback that you don’t mind storing on a coffee table or nightstand.
  • Add your own date – a format lets you miss a day without feeling pressured
  • The perfect paperback size (100 pages at 5.25″ x 8″), small enough to fit in a laptop bag or purse and always be ready for use
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