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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Life!  Sign up NOW for FREE Webinar…limited availability!! Get Organized / Get Organized / Home & Style / Organizing / Resources / Topics

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Life

Sign up NOW for this FREE Webinar…How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Life!!

I think in todays society, we all want to learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed by life! The days just go by in the blink of an eye and sometimes when we look back, nothing stands out but the tasks and obligations, and the joys of life are overtaken by everyday responsibilities.

In this webinar, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Crystal Paine will teach you her top 3 proven strategies to reduce (and eliminate!) the feeling of overwhelm in your life. And guess what …it is FREE!!!

You’ll be inspired by her story and encouraged with her practical tips and advice as she shares her personal experiences and how she’s successfully overcome her own struggles with feeling overwhelmed with life.

As a wife, mom of three, and successful business owner, Crystal understands the day-to-day frustrations that come with everyday responsibilities and how difficult it can be to live life with direction and passion day by day.

Join Crystal by reserving your spot in one of her upcoming LIVE webinars here and learn how you, too, can overcome the struggle of overwhelm and live life with more passion, direction, and joy!

How to Stop feeling Overwhelmed

In the LIVE webinar, Crystal will be sharing:

1) 4-step process for deciding what to say yes to & what to say no to
2) The most important question you can ask if you want more calm & less chaos in your life
3) #1 trick to get more done every single day
4)  Plus, she will be hosting a LIVE Q&A at the end of the class to answer your burning questions!



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Dorm Room Checklist and Essentials: What to send with your College Freshman Best Back to School / Deals / Get Organized / Household / Topics

dorm room checklist

Share this Dorm Room CheckList with those heading off to college this year!

I put together this Dorm Room Checklist last year to make sure we were remembering everything when my son went off to college. I added items for girls also so that any College Student can use this as a guideline as they are packing up to head off to the next step in their lives!

Many students realize they need some of these items once they get there so even if you think you are done shopping, take a look at the list!

Good Luck to all the College Freshman!

Check out our Dorm Room Catalog here and get many of these items on sale and shop from home!


College Dorm School Supplies

desk lamp
ethernet cord
extension cord
memory stick
pencil holder
plain envelopes
power strip
white out
extra printer ink
hole punch
pencil sharpener
printer paper

Back to School Electronics

Dorm Room Organization

bed lifts (for creating storage or desk space under your bed)
bulletin board with push pins for hanging flyers, contact numbers, schedules, etc.
storage bins
under-bed boxes
over the door hooks
Tools and Emergency Supplies


Miscellaneous Necessities

duct tape
basic toolkit with hammer and screwdriver
sewing kit
ace bandage
cold medicine
cotton balls
cough drops
hydrogen peroxide
nail clippers
nail file
pain reliever
Pepto Bismol
vitamin c

dorm room essentials

Personal Items Dorm Checklist

bath towels
hand towels
wash cloths
shower flip flops
traveling soap container
shower caddy/basket
curling iron/straightener
hair care products
hair dryer
shower gel/soap
shaving cream
face soap
facial moisturizer
dental floss
trash bags
trash can
laundry bag/basket
laundry detergent
all purpose cleaner
2 pillows
2 sets of sheets
alarm clock
bedside lamp

Dorm Life Entertainment

dvd player
iPod dock
mp3 player
mini fridge
water bottle
coffee maker

Forget some Dorm Room Checklist Items?

Shop and ship your items right to your student at:

Shop Your Way Dorm Items
Amazon Dorm Room Items
Bed Bath & Beyond


Topic: Dorm Room Checklist




3 Simple Ways to Save Money and Time Amazon Deals / Coupon Education / Coupons / Deals / Get Organized / Living On Less / Resources / Reward Point Programs / Shop Your Way Rewards / Topics / Ways To Save Money

3 ways to save money & time

Knowing when and where to buy items is the secret to save money & time !!

Everyday I have people asking me how I save money on the limited time schedule I have with working full time and running the sites. Hopefully this post will give you the insight to get on track to doing the same for your household!! Of course I cannot cover every item in this post, but I can give you an overview to simplify your life and help you save money and time by just explaining what I do.

I basically shop 3 ways for every purchase I make: 1) ONLINE 2) WITH COUPONS 3) LOCAL & WAREHOUSE

I only have so much time to get to stores so I utilize online shopping and pick up at store options whenever the prices are comparable. I also keep a list in my planner of household items I need to buy. Not the same as my grocery list but items such as linens, gifts, clothing, shoes, pots & pans, tools, decorative items, hardware items, and really any item I think of that I need or want. This stops me from running to the store and impulse buying, it also allows me to price compare AND it saves gas and time physically going there. Here is my list for January. I wont necessarily buy all of them right away, but I do review it weekly.

Want to Buy List to Save Money and Time

We offer Personal Shopper services here that can help you buy items on your “to buy” list so make sure to sign up here!

1) Shop Online:

I am an avid online shopper at Shop Your Way and Amazon. . Both options give me low pricing and 2 day free shipping when subscribed. Items I can buy with a coupon I do not usually buy here. Items I buy here are items on my TO BUY list. I always check Shop Your Way first as I get free points for everything I buy, being part of their birthday and moving groups, by playing sweeps and tons of other ways plus they issue SURPRISE POINTS which are like free cash! I do price check the item before buying and see if it would be less expensive on Amazon. In my opinion it is best to have BOTH services to save the most money and time!


Shop Your Way Max


Shop Your Way Max
2 day free shipping from Sears & Kmart and free standard shipping from any Marketplace partners for $39 per year for Shop Your Way Members.  Become a SYW member and choose me as your personal shopper here and you will receive a free trial (if you have not chosen a personal shopper in past). The personal shopper services are always free with no credit card info or obligation and I have yet to have to buy the Shop Your Way Max service for $39. Shop Your Way has been extending my membership for free. This is not a guarantee but is a great service for $39 let alone possibly FREE!!! Shop Your Way Max members also earn points back on there purchases plus get exclusive discount offers! Just a few items I bought this year were a Gas Grill for $69, Rachel Ray Dish set $25, Fit Bit Flex $58, numerous clothes, linens free after points and only a few of them were pick up at store only deals. Oh and by the way, they even have delivery service right ti your car with the Shop Your Way App if picking up at store!

Shop Your Way is also affiliated with many other brands and stores, so you can buy through Shop Your Way and still earn points with your purchases at Target, Walmart, Best Buy and tons more!

We publish Sears, Kmart and Shop Your Way Deals everyday here. To make sure you don’t miss one, make sure to join our Facebook group of Bloggers that are posting deals, savings and points offers everyday here– Sears & Kmart Steals and Deals

– 2 day free shipping, online movies, borrow Kindle books, free photo storage and music streaming 
for $99 per year. You can try the Amazon service for free also however, unlike Shop Your Way, you will get billed once your free trial is over. I buy all of my Coffee K Cups there, along with many miscellaneous items such as I rent my son’s college books from there, jewelry and clothing deals, I even bought our mini refrigerator there last year as it was $229 compared to $449 at a local Lowes store. I also bought my vanity mirror, nightstand and vanity stool from there at half the cost of other places and I didn’t pay a cent for shipping and it was here in 2 days.  There is also a special program for Amazon Students to get a 6 month free trial and then Amazon Prime for 50% off ($49) — you can sign up for the Student service here.

We post Amazon and other online deals everyday here or join our Hot Online Deals Facebook group where multiple bloggers are sharing deals all day long!

Other Online purchases

Sometimes I am forced to buy other brands or stores not available through Shop Your Way and Amazon, and when I have to do that, I buy through and earn cash back on those store purchases and use online coupon codes from or

2) Use Coupons:

This is what everyone sees me post about the most, but it is actually what I do the least lately! Matching sales with coupons and only buying those items will save you a ton at the grocery store! We have a great stockpile of the things we use everyday so I have not had to do major shopping hauls to fill my pantry or linen closets. I also do not plan my meals and then go get what I need for them. I do the opposite, I plan my meals from my freezer or pantry. A BIG DIFFERENCE!! My husband and I have some controversy here sometimes as he wants a certain thing for dinner and we may not have the items. When you have to go buy those items you will almost always pay full price.

As for health and beauty items, only sometimes do I run out of things like Bandaids etc. Very rarely do I run out of toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper etc. I try to keep an inventory list of items I have on hand. Here is an inventory list you can use for a 6 week cycle so you can judge when you think it will go back on sale and how much your family uses to know how much to buy when on sale.
So what you really need to know about coupon shopping is still WHAT-WHEN-WHERE to save the most money

WHAT– You have to know what you have and what you need. You can download the CouponsForYourFamily Pantry/Freezer Spreadsheet to your computer here. Click file and then download

WHEN– Its best to know what time of the year its best to buy certain products. The fall is known for the lowest baking product prices, March is always frozen food month etc.

Use our Best Time to Buy Monthly Guide to Retail & Grocery Sales here to help you to know when products are usually the best prices for both grocery and retail items.

Month to Month guide to Best time to Buy


WHERE– My suggestion to new coupon shoppers or those looking to save money, is to shop at Dollar Tree for freebies and then your local grocery store for other items you need to fill your pantry and linen closets. While the drugstores are a great place to get free items, you need to go back there weekly to use the Store points and coupons. If you have time to do that then by all means, do it!! I love to shop the drugstores, I just need to retire from one of my jobs to do that! Otherwise, shopping fewer stores and following our guidance and coupon matchups will still ge tyou on track to saving.

Here is where I shop with coupons and it is not every week.

Dollar Tree

I also love Target, but I get very tempted to spend extra dollars there so I try to stay away!

Find your local grocery stores on our Store Page here to see weekly sales matched with coupons.
You can also join our Couponing to Cut your Grocery Bill group here to see all the grocery deals we post

3) Warehouse & Local:

It is usually wise to check your local butchers and Restaurant Depots to see if they have bulk meat purchases. I was just able to get chicken at $1.29 lb at Restaurant Depot when you buy 40lbs. My local Hoelscher Meat Market also has chicken for $1.39lb. Compare that to Tops price at $1.88lb this week. The men in my family also hunt, so our freezer is always full of Venison roasts & steaks, Venison Hot Dogs and Venison Sausage so I only have to buy Chicken, Ground Beef and pork.  I have also purchased half cows/half pigs to fill our freezer with meat from local farmers.

  • I shop Aldi for eggs, milk, produce if there aren’t any good sales at my local grocery stores Tops and Wegmans. Their everyday produce and bread prices are much lower than the local grocery stores. If the prices are close that week , then I just shop my normal grocery store.
  • Aldi stores are national and we do provide the WNY Aldi Sale list here. Aldi does not take coupons but you can use Cash Back apps to save more.
  • In the summer, I prefer to buy at local farmers markets for fresh in season produce.


The Results

By following some of these guidelines, you should be able to save money in half the time that an Extreme Couponer does! Time is money and life is short. All of us want to save as much as we can and knowing WHAT-WHEN-WHERE to buy is the first step to cutting your bills.

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Topic: 3 Simple Ways to Save Money and Time

Whens the Best Time to Buy : A Month to Month Guide to Retail & Grocery Sale Cycles Coupon Education / Coupons / Free Printables for Home / Get Organized / Home & Style / Resources / Topics / Ways To Save Money

Month to Month guide to Best time to Buy

Print this awesome Monthly Guide of Best Time to Buy just about anything!

When is the best time to buy a car, or the best time to buy tv, or the best time to buy frozen foods or the best time to buy a laptop? It is proven fact that certain times of the year are better times than others to buy certain products.  Whether the reason is for seasonal sales cycles or whether its based on supply and demand or even your weather for produce, there are certain times of the year better than others, for you to buy certain products.


Many of these are based on preparing for the next season, such as cars. Its always better to buy a car in the fall because dealers are making room for the new year models on their lots. Many of the grocery items are based around holidays or events like the super bowl so many times these items are plentiful OR the manufacturers such as Pepsi run large promotions so the prices are lower. Whereas sometimes, the demand is so high such as Chocolate for Valentines Day, that the price is not lower right before the holiday.


I have put together data based on my professional sales experiences and knowledge from reading and blogging over the years that should help us all make better buying decisions. I added both Grocery and Retail into one easy document for you to use as an easy reference to peek at when looking to stock up on groceries or to buy a car! As always this document is just to be used as guidance for your buying purposes to help you save a buck! There will be times when these items are priced lower not according to these cycles.


Combining this information in our Best Time to Buy Guide, along with coupons will help you determine when to stock up on grocery items!Seasonal Produce is a very important item to buying but I could not fit the documentation into the one page document. I will save that for another post in the near future!


You can print a PDF of the Best Time to Buy Monthly guide here–>A Month to Month Guide to Retail & Grocery Sale Cycles



The best time to buy


We try to base our posts and deals shared around these times and we will be fine tuning it even more in the future! If you would like help in shopping for items, we also offer Personal Shopper Services thru the Shop Your Way Program here. This program is free to you and gives you direct access to me where I can share my 30 yrs of experience in the sales world along with 7 yrs of Frugal Blogging and Couponing!


Join our Facebook Groups for more specific store deals and guidance:

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Topic: Best Time to Buy A Month to Month Guide to Retail and Grocery Sale Cycles

Six Tips to Maximize Your Grocery Store Budget Coupon Education / Coupons / Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half / Get Organized / Living On Less / Topics / Ways To Save Money

Six Tips to Maximize Your Grocery Store Budget

Six Tips to Maximize Your Grocery Store Budget

Most of us can relate to trying to cut corners. If we don’t, it won’t take long for savings to dwindle and debt to pile up. One of the best and easiest ways to save cash is through our grocery store budget. For some, cutting the grocery bill means eating lean and not having the things they want. The truth is, that is usually not necessary at all.

You can eat well and still stick to a reasonable budget. The key is knowing where you can cut corners and make the biggest difference.

Here are six things you can do right now that will trim your grocery budget and still allow for decent meals for your family:

#1- Work from a List

Having a list in the grocery store might seem rather silly. Some of us have great memories, right? The truth is, having a list has nothing to do with your memory in most cases. Having a list will keep you focused on the things you are actually there for. We can’t aimlessly wander the grocery store and expect our budgets to stay in check. There are too many Baby Ruth candy bars and other such landmines. Eliminate impulse purchases and you will see your budget start to loosen up.

Coupon Mom

Favado: Best Grocery List App

I use Favado Grocery List SmartPhone App for my list. You can add your own items, search for best price and even use coupons that are listed to save more. And the best part is that is FREE!!  Sign up for the Favado Grocery List App here with your email so you get the your regional offers. Once you are signed up, then download the app on your smartphone and sign in and start making your list!

#2- Plan Your Meals

Menu planning is all the rage and for good reason….it saves you money. The basics are logical. You plan every meal and shop accordingly. Then you use the leftovers for snacks, lunches and so on. This leaves no waste, you use what you have and your budget stays nice and trim.
Get our Free menu planner here.

#3- Work Leftovers Into The Budget

Leftovers are a huge part of any good grocery budget in that you work them into your cooking plan. Even if you are not going to menu plan all the way (why not?) you can still use leftovers on a regular basis. When you make a meal and have some leftovers, plan a meal immediately to utilize them. When you meal plan, put these leftovers in your plan! For example, when I make meatloaf, I make sure to have on hand all ingredients for chili to use the left over meatloaf during the week.  Your grocery store budget will thank you!

#4- Stock Up On Sale Items That Are Non-Perishable

We are generally good as a society about grabbing things that are on sale. That said, we are not very good at getting items we actually need. Sale prices on items we are not going to use are just bad choices. The same goes for items that will go bad before they can be used. For this reason, focus your bulk purchasing for items that are non-perishable or that will be used quickly. To make this easier, find the store you shop at on our Store Deals page and use our coupon matchups to help you stock up on the non-perishable items.

#5- Don’t Become a Store Snob for your grocery store budget’s sake!

Are you one of those folks that will only shop at one store? If so, your loyalty rules! Unfortunately your budget is bearing the weight of your dedication. Shopping around is the number one way to ensure you save money at the grocery store. No one store can be the cheapest on every single item. If you plan things out the right way, you can hit different places for different things and make it worth your while. I shop approximately 5 stores per month. I do not have time to hit all every week, but I do make sure I shop multiple stores to get as many freebies and deals I can to fill my pantry and household and beauty closets so I never have to pay full price for them.

#6- Cut Coupons and Follow Sales – my favorite 😉

You hear it all the time, but coupons and sales prices are simply free money. With the amount of stores we cover and all of the other sites on the web, you can save a fortune if you learn how to properly coupon. Spend some time cutting coupons even if they are only on the items you buy all the time. You can get started right here with us. Check out these 10 tips to save 50% with coupons to get rolling!

Join our online Facebook Groups to help you save evenmore and never miss a deal:

Couponing to Cut Your Grocery Bill
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Simple Living, Recipes, DIY and more!

Grocery store budgeting doesn’t have to be hard. Simply take the time to implement these six things into your grocery store budget routine and you will find yourself saving right away!


Cut your grocery store budget in half with the above six simple steps!

Five Menu Planning Basics Every Family Should Follow Cooking / Free Downloads / Free Printables for Home / Get Organized / Get Organized / Recipes / Resources / Topics / Weekly Meal Planning

 5 menu planning basics

Five Menu Planning Basics Every Family Should Follow

When it comes to menu planning, understanding the basics can take you a very long way. Lots of families skip out on menu planning because of…well…the planning. They get a picture in their minds of a complicated process that is far from what menu planning is all about. At it’s core, menu planning is simply about organizing and saving. Every family can use more of both of these things, right?

Here are five menu planning basics that we all can stick to and benefit from immediately:

1)Commit to the change – If you are going to meal plan, it will take a buy in from not only you but your family as well. Embrace the idea as a whole and commit to the task. Meal planning will be a huge boon to you for saving money, eliminating waste and spending more time around the dinner table together. It is an investment in energy and time well spent. Commit to the change and you will have the biggest obstacles out of the way.

2) Let your meal plan reflect your entire family – Sit down together and figure out what everyone really likes. Meal planning should not be about eating things you hate. In fact, the opposite is true. Because you are planning it out and putting meals together that make sense with what you have, you can make what you truly enjoy. Get feedback from everyone and make sure that you pick meals that reflect that feedback fairly.
– You can use our menu planner at the bottom of the post or you can get this great tablet of Weekly Menu Planners that has a magnet to stick right n the side of the refrigerator!

Menu Planning Pad

3) Use the leftovers for lunch and breakfast – The best way to eliminate waste is to eat the leftovers within a day or two. Use them up for breakfast or lunch the day after for the best results. Investing in some good Tupperware and storage materials can save you all kinds of money over time.

4) Always maximize your current ingredients – When you sit down to meal plan for the week or month, begin with what you already have in the fridge and pantry. If you have chicken, then make a few dishes that can take advantage of that. Eventually you will narrow your food waste down to virtually zero. Why spend money for new ingredients until you use up the ones you already have?

5) When you slip, get back on the menu planning train as quick as you can – I say when because you will absolutely slip. Habits are not easily formed and mistakes will happen. You will be too tired to do it one week or something will get in the way. When this happens, simply jump right back into it when you can. Over time, menu planning will become your new normal in the kitchen and you won’t have to even really think about it.

These basics of menu planning are all easy to follow and can get you off and running in the right direction. If you truly are willing to invest a bit of time, you can save a ton of money and enjoy more family time as well. Get started on your menu planning basics today! You can get going right now with us!

Here is our Menu Planning Template you can download here and update on your computer or print it off and write your Menu Plan!

Coupons For Your Family Menu Planner & Grocery List

CouponsForYourFamily Menu Planner & Grocery List

Menu planning can save you money!


Financial Renovation: Create your 2016 Financial Budget with this FREE 4 video mini-course! Limited Time- Get yours TODAY Finances / Get Organized / Living On Less / Reducing Your " Must Have" Expenses / Resources / Topics

The Financial Renovation Budget Series

Start off 2016 the right way by taking control of your Financial Budget with this Free 4 Video Mini Course, The Financial Renovation!

Are you in debt or maybe you just want help planning and sticking to a budget?  I think everyone can use some help when it comes to planning a financial budget. I have an accounting degree and I have my own 5 year plan to be out of debt, but I will also be signing up for the Financial Renovation to see how many more tips and tricks I can learn! Courses such as the The Financial Renovation not only can help you start a budget from scratch but can also help keep yourself on track with your existing budget to help your and your family gain financial stability!

Lauren from I am That Lady, has been on Dr Oz, the Today show and many other media outlets helping people with strengthening their finances over the last 5 years and now she is offering this FREE 4 video mini-course to help you get started too!
This FREE 4 video mini-course will walk you through how to completely renovate your finances in 2016!

This free e-course is for you if:
You want to learn how to budget and stick to it.
You want to save more money on your bills.
You want to learn how to get your spouse on board with your finances.
You feel like you are stuck and don’t know where to turn.
You want to get out of debt.
or… you just want a refresher on your financial health.

Lauren also gives you an opportunity to go much deeper into learning how to get financial freedom in 2016.

  • Video #1  HOW TO START A BUDGET (available now)
  • Video #2  HOW TO STICK TO A BUDGET WHEN THEY HAVE FAILED IN PAST (available Monday Jan 4)
  • Video #3  A COMPLETE FINANCIAL BLUEPRINT FOR 2016 (available Thurs Jan 7)

This course will begin on January 1st and go until January 6th. I hope you will join us this year. If you are interested in taking the Finanacial Renovation Free 4 video mini course, you can sign up here


Don’t forget to check out our last years 30 day Budget Bootcamp here also!!

30 Day Budget bootcamp


Topic: Create your 2016 Financial budget with the Financial Renovation

5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending a Dime Get Organized / Living On Less / Organizing / Resources / Topics

Organize your kitchen

Wouldn’t you like to Organize Your Kitchen Without Spending A Dime?

Trying to organize your kitchen on a tight budget seems very challenging at first. When you start looking into the various ways to organize kitchen space, you see all kinds of gadgets that cost tons of money. That can scare some people off of the project entirely and to procrastinate. What if instead you were to find ways of getting the job done that were completely free?

Would that put some pep in your step and get you moving? If you are like most people, it probably would.

Here are five such things you can do to organize your kitchen and not spend a cent doing it:

1) Begin With a Purge

A good, proper purging is the best way to get organized with anything and your kitchen is no exception. You can be sure that most kitchens will have a ton of extras. Start in the silver ware drawer and you will probably find immediate things to donate or get rid of. How many different styles of silver ware do you have? Narrow it down if you have tons of extras.

More dishes and kitchen supplies simply mean more dishes to clean. If you have the proper amount, you are far more likely to stay on top of your kitchen. Eliminate unnecessary clutter everywhere you can and you will be shocked at the space that suddenly appears.


2) Begin Using Vertical Space

If you truly want to get organized and give yourself some space while you are at it, start using some vertical space. This means on the walls, above the sink, above your island prep areas and pretty much anywhere else in the kitchen. Most kitchens are not utilizing their vertical space well at all and a few nails can work miracles.


3) Prioritize Your Primary Tools

Your kitchen should be a like a good mechanic’s garage… items that are used most often should be easily within reach. If you only use your garlic press a couple of times per month, why store it in a spot where you could instead put your coffee maker? Reorganize your kitchen with an eye towards priority management. Whatever you use the most gets the best position in the kitchen.


4) Organize Your Pantry by Food Type

Want to watch your kitchen space expand quickly? Just head to your pantry and pull everything out. Once you do this, separate each item into like groups. Check for expiration dates, items you will never use and so on and get rid of what you can. More importantly, place the items back into the pantry in order and keep like things together. This will not only help you get organized now, it will keep you that way by reducing waste. You will stop purchasing things you already had… (back behind the old Graham crackers, etc…) Repeat this process in the fridge/freezer.


5) Consider Out Of Kitchen Storage

Somewhere in your home there is a perfect place for kitchen storage. It is hiding and you are surely not going to think of it right away, but it is there. Walk your home and truly think hard about where you could put your extras that are not really needed. Perhaps you have an area that you could put your dry goods? Maybe your canned goods would fit just right in that extra closet? Considering other areas can free up all kinds of space if you have a good spot. Most homes do when you think outside the box.

These five tips are great ways to get started on de-cluttering and organizing your kitchen. The best thing is, you can do them without it costing you a dime. Give them a shot and you might be surprised at the results.!

Looking for more?

Make sure to check out these great books on Organizing Your Kitchen!


Topic: Organize Your Kitchen

Are you worn out and need direction?….Get Organized with Make Over Your Mornings! Deals / Get Organized / Get Organized / Organizing / Topics

Get Organized with Make Over your Mornings

Get Organized with Make Over your Mornings!!!

I am NOT a morning person but I do try to get my priorities in line the night before so I know what direction to go in the morning!
I consider myself fairly organized, however, with working a Full time + Day Job, running my websites, and raising a blended family of 6 along with trying to keep my house clean and saving money….SOME DAYS ARE WAY OUT OF CONTROL and I sometimes feel I am missing out on the important things in life!

Crystal Paine of does a great job to motivate and help you get things prioritized in her new Make Over Your Mornings Course so you can be more productive, efficient and happy with all of the hats we all have to wear!!


Get Organized with Make Over Your Mornings Course — a 14-day online course that includes videos, a workbook, and step-by-step projects.

This 14-day course is designed to help you revolutionize your productivity, streamline your routines, invest your time in things that truly matter, and find more joy and peace in the process.

DON’T worry about having enough time to complete the course! The course has specifically been set up so that each day’s reading and assignment can be done in just 15 minutes or less!  Each of the 14 days, you’ll read a short chapter, watch a short video that includes practical tips and encouragement, and a project to complete to help you implement what you’ve learned that day.Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.53.50 AM

The Make Over Your Mornings Course will help you:

  • Develop a morning routine and before bed routine
  • Streamline your morning tasks
  • Learn how to make to-do lists that support your day
  • Create realistic, but stretching goals
  • Discover the power of accountability and how to implement it into your life
  • Establish internal and external motivations to create perseverance in your new routines
  • Find time to refuel your tank and make space in your day for things you love
  • Experience much more focus, organization, and clarity in your daily life


When you purchase this course, you’ll get immediate access to all of the following:

  • 14 high-quality videos with motivational encouragement
  • Short video clips that give you a behind-the-scenes peek into Crystal’s everyday home and life
  • A comprehensive workbook with 14 chapters filled with practical ideas and inspirational encouragement
  • Daily projects to guide you on your 14-day journey and help you implement and apply what you learned from the daily video and chapter
  • Printable worksheets to walk you step-by-step through some of the projects and motivate you to follow through
  • Additional links and resources for each day, if you’d like to dig deeper on a subject

How to access the course:

The course videos and materials can be accessed via any desktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone, or mobile device. You can choose to print the workbook or download it to your computer or phone.  And, it is all self-paced!  Begin and end as it works for you as there are no deadlines.  Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to all course downloads upon purchase.

Cost of the course:

The 14 day course will normally retail for $17, however, there is a HUGE sale to take advantage of to get all of the help you need for less!  Starting tomorrow, June 2nd, you can save by ordering early:

  • 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. – only $10!
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Back To School Organization: 10 things To Label for your Kids plus a 15% coupon code for Bright Star Labels! Best Back to School / Coupon Code / Coupons / Deals / Get Organized / Topics

Back to School Organization was not this easy when my kids were younger!

Back to School was always a crazy time at our house when preparing for 4 boys to head off to school! It was hard enough to keep things straight in our own house, let alone sending them off to school with class sizes of 15-25 kids per class. I would always have to write the names on all of their belongings and to them, it just didn’t look cool!

Bright Star Kids has provided a great alternative to labeling items. I wish Bright Star Labels had been available when I was preparing for back to school. You can personalize your labels in color and add a design or icon! I think my son would like this one even at 16:

Back to School Organization

After raising 4 boys, it seems the same items always came up missing and it became inconvenient and sometimes costly to replace items!
Here is my recommended list of 10 Things to Label for Your Kids:

1) Scissors
2) Calculators
3) Sweatshirt that is kept in school for year
4) Lunchbox
5) Highlighters/Markers
6) Pencils
7) Folders/Books-Subject and name label
8) Electronics (phones, ipod, )
9) Backpack
10) Gym Clothes

Bright Star Labels makes Back To School Organization easier with options in label sizes, colors along & 2 different types- Stick on and Iron On!

-Stick-on labels are extremely durable, hold up in dishwashers, are 100% waterproof & scratch resistant. When ready to remove them, simply peel off and no residue will be left.

-Iron-on labels are quick and easy to pop on to all your kids clothing and stay stuck in the washer and dryer.

Use this special coupon code LABELS at checkout and save 15% off plus get free shipping!

Take a look at the kits available:

Make sure to get yours here today and make your Back to School Organization an easy job!!

Save 15% off Storewide Plus FREE Delivery. Enter Code: LABELS at checkout. Min Spend $30, offer ends 15th September.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.

Topic: Back To School Organization

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