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Reader Testimonial

I just wanted to thank one of my readers, Jennifer, for sending me a testimonial on how Coupons For Your Family helps her save money for her family! It is a wonderful feeling to know that this website is actually helping people same money everyday!! Without comments and emails from my readers, I sometimes wonder who is reading and benefiting from the hours I am at my computer!! Here is the contents of Jennifer’s email:

I don't know if you're ever looking for testimonials…. but I just wanted to let you know that last night, my family and I took an exciting trip to the Target on Amelia Dr in Orchard Park.  I knew we were going so I went through all my coupons, looking for the ones I thought I'd be able to use there specifically and I also perused your Database, looking for Yoplait and various other snack coupons.

My total before coupons/savings was $72.37.  My husband almost flipped because it seemed like all we bought was some Yogurt and Shampoo.  Isn't there a group on Facebook like, I went to Target to buy Toothpaste and spent $50?  LOL.  Anyway….. this is the breakdown of what we got —-
2 pks of Pampers Wipes, 72-ct each. ($2.39 each)
2 Glade Room Spray ($2.50 each)
12-pk Snackwells Cookies ($3.99)
12-pk Nabisco Variety Pack ($3.99)
2 pks Nature Valley Granola Thins ($2.69 each)
1 box Chex Snack Bars ($2.39)
3 pks Crystal Light Pure Fitness, On the Go packs (7 packets inside) ($1.97 each)
14 Yoplait Yogurts (50 cents each)
2 boxes Eggo Waffles ($2.14 each)
1 Old Spice Body Wash ($3.54)
1 Old Spice Deodorant ($3.54)
32 oz. Suave Professionals Humectant Shampoo ($2.64)
32 oz. Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo ($2.64)
2 all occasion cards, 99 cents each
1 pr. Clearance Paul Frank Pajamas ($9.08)

My coupon breakdown —
$2.00 off Pampers Wipes, I had 2 so my wipes cost me 78 cents for both packs.
BOGO Glade Spray so I paid $2.50 for both sprays
$1 off 2 Nabisco Variety Packs so I paid $7 for both (I consider that a huge coup because those snack sizes can be EXPENSIVE!)
$0.50 off Nature Valley, I had 2
$0.50 off Chex Bars
$2.00 off Crystal Light Pure Fitness, I had 3 so all my CL was FREE!
I stacked some Yoplait Coupons….
    I had $0.45 off 6 and then $0.40 off 6
    I also had B6G1, two of those — equaled $1.85 in Yoplait Savings on $7 of yogurt, which we eat every day (there are 6 of us!)
Target Printable $1 off 2 Eggos
BOGO Old Spice and max value was $3.49 but our Cashier gave us full $3.54 savings
Facebook had a Free Suave Professionals Coupon, I had 2 and Target had the Big Sized shampoos.  Also, one coupon scanned at $2.64 and the other she scanned in for $3.00 so I actually made $0.36 on that one.  2 huge shampoos, $0.18 each!
My GRAND TOTAL was $43.85.  That's a savings of $28.52. 
WOO HOO!  We have saved more in the past, but not for a while so this brought a HUGE SMILE to my face!
And without giving you the whole breakdown… the night before, we went to the BJ's Wholesale Club on Milestrip.  $297.00 for $200.  We saved almost $100 with coupons!  They are also great for stacking coupons… and I know some argue that you actually spend more because you're buying huge sizes of things… we are a family of 6 so those large sizes are the sizes we're almost always looking for.  We probably go to BJ's once a month, on average.  This, to me, was also a VERY PROFITABLE trip!
Thanks for letting me share!  And thanks for the great coupon database!  I love knowing I will probably find what I'm looking for for MY FAMILY with your coupons!
Jennifer, wife to John, mother to Lincoln (9), Christian (7), Elyse (3) and Elena (2.

Thanks again, Jennifer for taking the time to send your email!! I greatly appreciate your compliments and for being a loyal reader to Coupons For Your Family!!

Jennifer E.

Friday 20th of August 2010

Thanks for printing this, Denise! I'm so excited to see my "name in lights" but I love sharing my savings and I think it's great when others do the same so we can all see COUPONS really help! Enjoy your day and thanks, again, for this great site!


Saturday 21st of August 2010

Hi Jennifer!! Thanks again for sharing!! Comments and emails like yours make my day:) Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for some great deals...I just sat down to do a long night of posting deals!!