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Other Ways to Save-Grow a Garden

This is a great way to save on your produce purchases in the summer!! Living in Buffalo, we have only 3 months to grow our garden but we can and freeze our vegetables so we can enjoy them all year round! We work full time, I blog part time and we shuffle 4 boys around for 8 baseball teams all summer but I refuse to give up our garden!!! Take a look at how it is doing:

We grow our plants from seed and this is the best our garden has ever done!!! It takes a little work at the beginning but once it is planted, you only have to keep the weeds out and make sure it is watered. This year we put Preen in the garden to help prevent the weeds so our maintenance time should even be less!

If you do not want  a full garden but would still like to have some homegrown tomatoes and save money on produce, try the Topsy Turvy that has been advertised on TV. Walgreens has them on special for $6.99 online!!  Check it out here-Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter, Reg. Price $9.99, valid 6/13 – 7/17

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Sunday 27th of June 2010

A easier and more safer way to prevent weeds is to lay down black plastic over the garden bed. Then with a dinner plate and exact-o knife cut circles and plant vegetables. You can get it at garden centers.


Wednesday 30th of June 2010

Thanks Kari!! We did do that the last 2 years and we still had weeds pulling the plastic up because we did not cover the rows in between(walk space). Maybe next year we will cover it all and then it will be maintenance free!!