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According to a study I read about at Every Kitchen Table, these were the Top 10 Grocery Items purchased –ranked by sales dollars in Billions:

1.)  Carbonated Beverages
2.)  Milk
3.)  Fresh Bread & Rolls
4.)  Beer/Ale/Hard Cider
5.)  Salty Snacks
6.)  Natural Cheese
7.)  Frozen Dinners/Entrees
8.)  Cold Cereal
9.)  Wine
10.) Cigarettes -none available yet

This study was done over a 1 year period from June 2008-June 2009. I am hoping the items that are in the Top 10 for this year have changed!! It is no wonder our country is unhealthy!!

All that being said, I have put together some links that will lead you to coupons in our database for these Top 10 selling items . I am also adding some of my suggestions that SHOULD be on this list!!

1) BEVERAGES coupons
2) MILK coupons
3) BREAD coupons
4) BEER coupons
5) SNACKS coupons
6) CHEESE coupons
8.) CEREAL coupons
9) WINE coupons -none available yet-only cooking wine
10) CIGARETTES coupons-none available yet

Should be in top 10
FRUIT coupons
PASTA coupons
MEAT coupons

Download our Coupons For Your Family toolbar for quick links to items like these!! Top ten lists will be added as a quick link right from our tool bar. You can also personalize the toolbar with a radio link, email link(shows how many emails received) and much more!! Download here for free!!


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  2. How come Cigarettes became kitchen or grocery item

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