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Reducing Your ” Must Have” Expenses

Financial Renovation: Create your 2016 Financial Budget with this FREE 4 video mini-course! Limited Time- Get yours TODAY

Start off 2016 the right way by taking control of your Financial Budget with this Free 4 Video Mini Course, The Financial Renovation! Are you in debt or maybe you just want help planning and sticking to a budget?  I think everyone can use some help when it comes to planning a financial budget. I have an accounting degree and I have my own 5...

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How to Decrease Your Must Have Expenses Intro: Mortgage & Utilities

How to Decrease Your Must Have Expense: Mortgage and Utilities With the rising costs of gas and food, we all have to watch where we are spending!! Keeping a roof over your head, food on the table and everything else in between tends to eat up our hard earned paychecks! By no means am I an expert on finances but there are some things I...

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Save on Food Expenses- How to Can Fresh Tomatoes

More ways to Save on Groceries: Can Fresh Tomatoes Part of our “Reducing Your Must Have Expenses” Series We have had a vegetable garden for about 4 years now and every year we make our own tomato sauce and can it for the winter time. It really used to be a chore until we perfected our system!! Now it is not difficult or even all...

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How to Reduce Your “Must Have” Expenses -Gardening and Home Depot Coupons

Part 3 – How to Reduce Your “Must Have” Expenses Growing your garden can offer many advantages from saving money on produce, to convenience of not going to store for fresh veggies and also eating healthier foods. I love having a garden even though it is a lot of work. This is our third year and I think we finally got a system down to...

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