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How to Reduce Your “Must Have” Expenses -Gardening and Home Depot Coupons

Part 3 – How to Reduce Your “Must Have” Expenses

Growing your garden can offer many advantages from saving money on produce, to convenience of not going to store for fresh veggies and also eating healthier foods. I love having a garden even though it is a lot of work. This is our third year and I think we finally got a system down to growing from seed. Last year our plants were healthy but they when we put them in the ground they were a little spindly and the stems were not as strong as we thought they should be. This year they should be much stronger because we have a new set up. For those of you that missed my first post when we planted the seeds… Check out what my hubby did with plywood and fluorescent lights that were being thrown out by one of his buddies.

He made shelves out of plywood that can be pulled out for easy watering and can be adjusted as they grow to keep them from reaching toward the light, therefore making the stems stronger!!. We had more plants than we expected so he had to build the one high towards the ceiling(not moveable).

We only spent approximately $35 to make this and get the dirt and seeds from Home Depot. Home Depot has a great Garden Club and Orange Insider Club that sends you tips about gardening and best of all they send you COUPONS. I received a $3 off Miracle Grow potting soil that I will use when some of these plants need to be transplanted. Sign up below for Home Depots Orange Insider club so you can get your own coupons and tips!

You may also want to check out this great post that Deal Seeking Mom had a few weeks ago: “Growing Your Own Produce: Does It Really Save Money?”

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