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Red Box Codes


A new red box code N3WY3AR has been reported to be working at McDonalds locations. Other codes that have been working are DVDATWAG(only at Walgreens), BREAKROOM,  DVDONME and GT9SA. Many codes are out there that have been reported not working. Use one code per credit card. I will continue to report the codes I see but I am not always sure they are going to work!!!

To use the code, follow these instructions:
1) On the first screen select “Rent With Promo”
2) Enter the code
3) Choose your movie and swipe your debit or credit card (this is in case you don’t bring the movie back. They will put a $1 charge on your card to hold the movie, but if you return the movie by 9 pm the next day, the charge will be removed)
To find the nearest Redbox, click here