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Did You Receive Your W2 ?  Let Turbo Tax file your 1040EZ form FREE!!




You should have received your W2 from your employer by now so Let Turbo Tax file your 1040EZ form FREE !!

Yes you heard that right …for the first time ever,  Turbo Tax is allowing simple filers to file your 1040EZ form FREE !! Why pay someone $29 when you can get it for FREE!!

 $0 for federal, $0 for state, and $0 to file with TurboTax Federal Free edition.

  • Sign up for the Free Federal Edition of Intuit TurboTax.
  • This is perfect for first time filers or students, people that want to easily prep, print, and efile their returns, and those that want to import their W2 income data.
  • State returns are an additional fee.
  • Other services available for those filing a standard 1040 form for as low as $34.99…thats much less than standard Tax Return fees!!


It’s this simple:



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