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Read our Couponing 101 tips & learn how to save the smart way!

Welcome to Couponing 101 and! This is just a landing page for Couponing 101! There is tons of info on the site to show you different ways to learn how to coupon and save your family money. You can dive in and start clipping and printing away, or you can follow our easy posts and learn the smart way to coupon.  I don’t spend...

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How I plan Tops Markets Dollar Doubler Shopping Trips & save hundreds!

Here is how I plan my Tops Dollar Doubler Shopping Trips and other combo transaction trips I wanted to share how I prepare for a multiple transaction trips to Tops where there is a minimum spend needed or  . This same method can be used for any store combo purchases or for Tops Dollar Doubler, Instant Savings combos or Gas Point Savings Combos. Make Your...

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3 Simple Ways to Save Money and Time

Knowing when and where to buy items is the secret to save money & time !! Everyday I have people asking me how I save money on the limited time schedule I have with working full time and running the sites. Hopefully this post will give you the insight to get on track to doing the same for your household!! Of course I cannot cover every...

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Six Tips to Maximize Your Grocery Store Budget

Six Tips to Maximize Your Grocery Store Budget Most of us can relate to trying to cut corners. If we don’t, it won’t take long for savings to dwindle and debt to pile up. One of the best and easiest ways to save cash is through our grocery store budget. For some, cutting the grocery bill means eating lean and not having the things they...

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Couponing 101 and Our Spotlight on!

    Make sure to Check out the new Couponing 101 series and Blog posts over at!! has started an awesome series of Couponing 101 along with featured posts about coupon bloggers! Make sure to check out the Question and Answer Series they featured on myself and here! It was a great Question and Answer Survey and has some good insights into...

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Earn Cash Back with Checkout 51 on your weekly Grocery offers every Thursday!!

Introducing Checkout 51: Earn Cash back on your weekly Grocery Bill! Checkout 51 is a similar app to Ibotta, where you buy a product that has a special offer, upload receipt proving you bought it and get cash back! Checkout 51 has new offers every week beginning on Thursdays at 12:00 am. Its so easy to earn cash back! Please note…different regions have different offers....

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