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Read our Couponing 101 tips & learn how to save the smart way!

Welcome to Couponing 101 and! This is just a landing page for Couponing 101! There is tons of info on the site to show you different ways to learn how to coupon and save your family money. You can dive in and start clipping and printing away, or you can follow our easy posts and learn the smart way to coupon.  I don’t spend...

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Couponing 101 and Our Spotlight on!

    Make sure to Check out the new Couponing 101 series and Blog posts over at!! has started an awesome series of Couponing 101 along with featured posts about coupon bloggers! Make sure to check out the Question and Answer Series they featured on myself and here! It was a great Question and Answer Survey and has some good insights into...

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How To Use our Site & Learn to Save Everyday

Welcome to Coupons For Your Family! My name is Denise and I am a fulltime working mom who got very frustrated when our 4 boys started to become teenagers. I could not keep enough food in the house and run to the store 3-4 times a week and our wallet sure couldn’t keep up either!  Our bills were easily $200-$250 week to keep up with...

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Grocery Prices on the Rise

Melissa Holmes on Local Buffalo Channel 4 WIVB reported Tuesday that Grocery Prices are on the Rise!!! Melissa reports deals daily on her Savings 4 You section. If you miss the news you can always check her deals here and click on the Savings 4 You button To quote her words exactly “If you’ve never tried coupon clipping, you may want to start.” Here is...

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