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My Tops & Aldi Meal Plan + Grocery List May 2: includes Breakdowns with Coupons & Cashback- $300 cost of $128!!

Meal Plan and Grocery List

Check out this weeks Tops and Aldi Meal Plan plus Grocery List May 2

I have so many people ask me how I can have a household/grocery budget of $125-$150 for a family of 6, which includes 4 young men ages 17-20! For a long time I have wanted to do meal plans and recipes to show my readers how I manage it and I was always stalled because of the lack of time putting recipes on the site so I am just going to jump in and see how it goes!! I will add recipes as I can.It is not easy for me to achieve this even with my coupon knowledge for a lot of reasons…A few facts to help you understand as you read our menu plan and weekly buying list:- we are a meat and potatoes dinner family with full breakfast on weekends, so we try to have less prepackaged foods- we drink a lot of bottled water and pop/soda with my addiction to Diet Pepsi 🙂 and with 3 people taking lunches 5 days week- everyone prefers fresh deli meat to prepackaged- we prefer to have fresh fruit on hand- we do have Venison meat in the freezer from them hunting so that helps cut down beef costs- I buy chicken 40-80lbs at a time for $1.69 at a local butcher- Hoelscher Meats- we are a family of 6 but when girlfriends/friends are over, sometimes can be feeding 10- I do at least 2 loads of laundry per day- with sports and work, some shower twice a day- I work full time plus run the site so numerous trips to different stores per week are difficult- I do have 2 freezers full of food and fill in each week with different stock up items- if I make smaller meals or meals without meat, we spend more on processed food as the kids eat more between meals- all of us in the house are also brand specific on certain items- I work full time so I need to plan around my work scheduleYES — I could buy different items and drive myself crazy to bring that budget down to under $100 but for me I am happy with being able to buy the items my family likes and having more than enough food for when I have 15 people for dinner :)Some weeks I do not need to spend more than $50 as my freezer gets overloaded!

So with all of that, here is my weekly Meal Plan:

You can print a version of this here–> May 3 cfyf meal plan

I can't fit the full spreadsheet in this post, so to see the full spreadsheet with all breakdowns  complete with printable links, head over to the Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List Page hereBelow is a preview of what the list looks like:Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery List Breakdown97 ItemsSale Price Total $290.22BIGI Savings $53.29Coupon Savings 83.56Pay at Register $154.37Cash Back Total $5.80OYNO Coupon Savings $20Net Cost $128.57Average of $1.33 per item!!!

or you can view it in your browser here–>7 Day Meal Plan & Grocery List May 3- 9: 7 Items with a Net Cost $128 I hope this post helps you plan a weekly household budget and allows you to purchase the items you need and want!Please share your meal plans, unadvertised deals and meal plans in the comments to help us all get better at this 🙂 

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