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5 Ways to Celebrate a Baby Shower on a Budget!

Baby Shower on a Budget


5 Ways to Celebrate a Baby Shower on a Budget

One of the best parts about having friends or family that is pregnant is the excuse to have a baby shower!  It allows you to give the expectant mother a bit of pampering while giving her a few presents to help out when the baby arrives.

There have been a few celebrity baby showers on the television, but you don’t need to go to the expensive lengths that they do. All you need is a little imagination, and you can create a beautiful baby shower.


In most cases, baby showers are small affairs with just a select few friends and family invited. This means you won’t need to rent out a large hall for the event. Rather than go to a restaurant that can get expensive, why not hold the baby shower at your home?

The more friendly and intimate environment of your home will make it all feel relaxed, plus, you can stay and chat for as long as you wish.

Baby Shower on a Budget


Your invitations don’t have to be expensive to be elegant and beautiful. There are many sites that offer free printable baby shower invitations, such as Adobe Spark. You want to make sure that all the information about the shower is on there before you print them.

You could even send your invitations electronically. It will save you a lot of money on ink and paper, and you can still send it to people whose address you might not know.


Decorations are another area where you can be as creative as you wish. There are many bargain stores that will sell bunting and other party materials that you can use to decorate the room.

If you are struggling for inspiration, ask your friends to help you with designing and making the decorations. Not only will it be helpful, but it can also be a lot of fun.


The food you serve at the baby shower depends on the feel you want to have. If you are looking to make a formal dinner, then you will need to think of dishes that will be acceptable to everyone.

It might be far easier and more relaxing to offer finger foods and snacks that people can pick at during the shower. You can ask other attendees to help make a few things to bring along, or you can invite them round the day before to help.

Baby Shower on A Budget- Games


To make it an, even more, fun and friendly event, you can organize some party games. As the winner might not always be the mum-to-be, you should offer prizes that will suit everyone. There are many great ideas on the internet for inexpensive baby shower party games that are imaginative and fun.

With these little ideas, you can quickly come up with a great baby shower event that everyone will enjoy. Make it exciting and relaxing for the mum-to-me and ensure you make a list of everything you need to do so that nothing gets missed and then you can avoid a last-minute rush.


Hopefully these 5 ways to celebrate a baby shower on a budget helps you and your friends and family have a great party AND save money! We share numerous ways to save money everyday! Make sure to take a look at our other ideas for saving money here!

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Brittany Reena Gresham

Friday 25th of August 2017

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