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4 Tips for the Perfect Family Breakfast

The most important meal of the day – breakfast is all-too-often a rushed affair from the stove to the mouth. Seeing as it’s something you send your spouse off to work, and your children to school in their bellies, why not make it a delicious and wholesome family experience that starts everyone’s day off on a high. You’ll need to take a few steps, detailed below, to achieve the holy grail of family breakfasts, but once you get there, you’ll enjoy a grateful and well-nourished morning around a table with those you love and care for the most.


1) The Routine

In the whirlwind of getting everyone dressed, packed and out of the door, breakfast can take the backseat in morning preparations. What counts here in order to make breakfast the central event of every morning is a little discipline and a subtle adjustment to your preexisting routine. Getting everyone up that bit earlier with the promise of a fantastic breakfast you’ll find will not be a difficult ask – probably, though, the initial energy and inspiration will have to come from you, so your routine ought to be the first to change.


2) The Drinks

Just as in the commercials, what you’ll want most of all at the breakfast table is some healthy juices for the kids, and some energizing coffee for the adults. Where the former is concerned, buy in the most vitamin-rich juices that bolster children’s immune systems. When it comes to grinding the beans, Gene Moroz presents a wonderful and educational Coffee Blog that’ll hone in on that perfect balance of taste and buzz that the grown-ups are looking for from their morning coffee. It’s far cheaper to buy good coffee for the home than to buy cups of java out of the house, so make the investment and let the aroma tempt your spouse to the table!

3) The Food

No, this isn’t about the silver screen banquet of bacon, eggs, toast, sausages, cereals, fruit, pancakes and every feasible breakfast foodstuff under the sun, it’s about buying in variety and deliciousness across the week. Changing it up when it comes to the offerings at breakfast is the best way to encourage healthy eating. Though there are some delightful healthy recipes outlined here, never shy away from an indulgent treat of pancakes and chocolate once or twice a week when it’ll give your family the extra energy to hit the ground running.

4) The Family

Despite changing routines, ever-busier lives, buzzing smartphones and distracting TVs and tablets, eating meals with your family remains important for your whole dynamic. The breakfast table is a place to share and enjoy one another’s company before the day begins, and so bringing your family together to share in well-selected food and drink is the key to a perfect breakfast – no distractions, just your family enjoying a morning together before going their separate ways.


A good breakfast lays the ground for a revitalized and energized day, so why not follow these tips to creating your perfect family breakfast!

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