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3 Reasons to Try Tums plus 2 Tums coupons for you to print and save!

3 reasons to Try Tums and (2) Tums coupons

Here are 3 reasons to try Tums and 2 Tums coupons for you to save!!

I rarely get heartburn, but when I do, its bad! I need something to dissolve the heartburn fast and Tums is my first brand of choice. See why:

  1. FAST ACTING: Tums goes right to the hertburn for fast relief and this is very important to me because I do not like to feel uncomfortable 🙂
  2. GREAT TASTE: Tums does not taste chalky like some other brands I have tried and has great tasting flavors. I sometimes take them as a Calcium supplement also.
  3. BUDGET FRIENDLY: I can almost always find a sale and match with a coupon so I can have a small stockpile in my linen closet for when I need them.

When a product works as well as Tums and I can save money with coupons, it always stays on the top of my preferred brand list!!

Try Tums for yourself!

Here are 2 coupons for you to print and use to save on your family budget AND see if Tums works as well for your heartburn as it does mine!

Feel free to come back and tell me your experiences! Just leave a comment at the bottom of the post!

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