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Last year Wegman’s guaranteed pricing on certain items for all of 2011 to help customers save money everyday. The prices expired
on December 31 and they will be launching their new Winter List of Wegman’s Consistent Low Prices on Sunday 1/7/2012.

Here is a list of their everyday prices through April 28, 2012

Club PackBoneless Chicken Breasts $1.99lb
Whole Roasting Chicken $.88lb
Club Pack 80% Ground Beef  $1.99lb
Club Pack Pork Shoulder $1.29lb


Bananas $.49 lb
Club Pack 3 Pack Cukes $4.49 per pack
Club Pack 8# Navels (FYFGA)  $4.99
Club Pack Red Pepper 6 pack $5.49 bag
1 # Baby Cut Carrots $.99 bag
5 # Grapefruit $3.49 bag
1 # Salad Mix (FYFGA) $.99


Club Pack Wegmans Frozen Salmon $6.99lb
Club Pack Wegmans Frozen Tilapia $4.99lb
Club Pack Wegmans Frozen Haddock $5.99lb


Club Pack Wegmans Advance Laundry Detergent 150 oz $9.99
Wegmans FYFGA Pasta Sauce 24 oz (FYFGA) $.99
Wegmans Ital Classic Pasta Sauce 24 oz $1.99
Wegmans Canned Vegtables 15.25 oz (FYFGA) $.49
Wegmans Cereal $1.99
Wegmans Pasta 1 lb. $.89
Wegmans Mac & Cheese $.49
Wegmans Fruit Bowls (FYFGA) $1.79
Club Pack Wegmans 10 Pack Facial Tissue $7.99 pk
Club Pack Wegmans 12 Pack Paper Towels $12.99
Club Pack Wegmans 30 Roll Bath Tissue $13.99
Wegmans RTS Soup $1.25
Wegmans Condensed Soup (Chicken Noodle & Tomato only) $.50

Wegmans Premium Orange Juice 64 oz (FYFGA) $2.49
Wegmans 9oz Cold Cuts $2.99
Wegmans Blended/FOB Yogurt 6 oz. (FYFGA) $.45


Wegmans Frozen Pizza $3.99
Wegmans Frozen Vegetables Reg & Steamables (FYFGA) $.99
Wegmans Frozen Potatoes 18-32oz $1.99
Wegmans Waffles $1.79
Wegmans Organic Steam Veg (FYFGA) $1.99
Wegmans Frozen Chicken Strips,Fillets,Nuggets (FYFGA) 20-24 oz $6.99

Wegmans 97% Fat Free Ham $4.99
Wegmans 98% Fat Free Turkey $5.99
Wegmans American Cheese $4.49
Wunderbar Bologna $2.49


Topcare Nighttime Cold Liquid (5 SKUs) 10 fl. oz. $1.99
Topcare Nighttime Cold Softgels (4 SKUs) 20 ct. $1.99
Topcare Acetaminophen Caplets 100 ct .$1.99
Topcare Ibuprofen Tablets 100 ct. $1.99
Topcare Children’s Ibuprofen Suspension (3 SKUs) 4.0 fl. oz.$2.99
Topcare Decongestant (PSE) 48 ct. $1.99
Topcare Tussin DM (2 SKUs) 8.0 fl. oz. $1.99

Wegmans White, w/ whole grain bread (FYFGA) $1.99
Wegmans Soft Wheat Bread (FYFGA) $1.99
Wegmans Giant Bread 22 oz. $.99

$4 ‐ 30 ‐ Day Prescriptions
$10 ‐ 90 ‐ Day Prescriptions
Free Antibiotics With Prescription

Three of my personal favorites to buy at Wegmans is:

Fat Free Deli Ham  (in 2010 was $3.99lb, 2011 $4.49lb and now $4.99lb!!)
Banana’s (from $.44 lb up to $.49lb)
Ground beef- $1.99lb

1 Gallon Wegmans Skim Milk–right now thru 2/4 it is only $1.99 (Tops was $2.19 last week!)

What products do you like to always purchase at Wegmans?

You can see the Weekly Wegmans coupon match-ups here–> Wegman’s Coupons and Deals

Here are some coupons to print for your shopping trip—updated daily!!


  1. claire Says:

    I am soooooooooo glad they do this with the prices!

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