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Tops Shopping Trip 4/1 —68% savings after gas points!!


Today Tops Shopping Trip was a combination of 4 transactions. See how I prepared for this trip here

I will not list all but will highlight most important. You can see almost all items in picture except for 2 extra newspapers I could not fit!
To see where to find actual coupons used see full Tops matchup for 4/1 here

Transaction #1- buy 6 items get 200 gas points
6 Vanity fair napkins
use (3) $1/2 coupons
use (3) Tops $1 doubler

2 PA dutch noodles
use $1/2 coupon
use (1) Tops $ Doubler

Total Retail =$22.12
plus received 250 gas points

Transaction #2- buy 6 items get 200 gas points
buy (4) Crystal Light  to go
use (2) $1/2 coupons
use (2) Tops $1 Doubler

buy (2) Kraft American Singles
I had a $1/1 Kraft cheese coupon from Kraft book
use (1) Tops $1 Doubler

buy  (2) PA Dutch noodles
use (1) $1/2 coupon
use (1) Tops $1 Doubler

Total Retail= $27.32
Paid $9.09
plus  received 242 gas points

Transaction #3- (2) Save $4 instantly wyb 6 items
buy (4 )Nestle morsels
use (2) $1/2 coupons
use (2) Tops $1 doubler

buy (2) Domino Sugar
use (1) $.75/2 coupon

buy (6) Egglands Best eggs
use (2) $1/2 coupons
use (1) $.55/2 egg coupon
use (2) Tops $1 Doubler

also bought 2 papers and 1 sour cream

Recd $8 off instantly
Total Retail $45.07
Paid $16.63
Recd 82 gas point for manufacturer coupons

Transaction #4 -(2) buy 6 items get 200 gas points
buy (4) Cracker barrel
use (2) $1/2 coupons
use (2) Tops $1 doublers

buy (2) Kraft Shredded cheese
use (1) $.50/2 coupon

buy (4) Nabisco Wheat thins
use (2) $1/2 nabisco coupon
use (2) Tops $1 doublers

buy (2) Philly Cream Cheese

I also bought:

2 Ragu
use (2) $.50/1 coupons
2 Ocean Spray
use B1G1 coupon
Tops White Vinegar
fresh broccoli
head of lettuce
10lb bag potatoes
half spiral ham ($24.62)
-used 100 gas point coupon
rhodes frozen rolls
2 Campbell soup

Total Retail $125.65
Paid $73.29
should have received 532 gas points–only was credited 332
went to service desk to have adjusted

Grand total
Retail =$220.17
Paid $105.45
Recd 1106 gas points= $1.10 per gal x 30 gallons=$33 value

Net cost= $72.45 for all!!
Total savings of $(147.72) 68% for items I use every day. There is not 1 item in here I bought only because I had a coupon.

…and I have my ham and rolls for Easter dinner plus 2 more papers full of coupons!!


The shelves were already looking empty as I was shopping at 4 o’clock this afternoon. Ask someone to check in back if the shelves are empty.
If they do not have it get a raincheck and have customer service staple ad section showing gas bonus point  deal or have them write it right on the
rain check. They are good for 60 just have to make sure you redeem raincheck before your coupons expire.

Happy shopping!!

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