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Tops Markets no longer has their formal coupon policy located on their website. I sent an email requesting the newest updated policy and here is what I received:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  Our customers’ comments and feedback are very important to us, and we do appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Here is a copy of our coupon policy.

Customers can present both manufacturer and Tops Store coupons for
merchandise purchased.  The cashier can redeem these coupons under the
following conditions.
· The customer must present a Tops BonusCard (if a BonusCard is not presented, certain redemption limitations will apply)
· The customer must purchase the item(s) to which the coupon applies
· The coupons must not be expired
· Manufacturer’s coupons must contain Retailer instructions
· The value of the coupon can not exceed the price of the item

A Tops store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon may be redeemed on the same item.  If the combined value of the two (2) coupons exceeds the price of the item, the item is free.  The manufacturer’s coupon must be deducted from the order first and the Tops store coupon amount will be adjusted so that the coupon value does not exceed the price of the item.

· In order for a manufacturer’s coupon to be doubled or to receive targeted special
offers, the customer’s BonusCard must be scanned during the transaction.
· The customer is responsible for the total sales tax on the order before
manufacturer’s coupons are deducted from the order.
· Manufacturer’s coupons will reduce the food stamp total for eligible items.
· State tax will be collected on any part of a food stamp order that is paid with a
tender other than food stamps or reduced with coupons

Tops Markets will double the value of Manufacturer’s Coupons up to the limit that is set by the Advertising Department.  All coupons with a face value higher than the set limit will be redeemed at face value.  In order to receive double coupon savings, the customer’s BonusCard must be scanned in the beginning of the order.

The Double Coupon Policy does not apply to FREE coupons, Catalina coupons,

Store Coupons or any other retailers (competitors) coupons, or coupons that state

“Do Not Double”.

Cigarettes, milk, alcohol, and other certain items are excluded by law and vary

by State.

Coupons that are not to be doubled are coupons for:

· Tobacco products
· Milk (PA Only)

· Alcoholic beverages

· Lottery tickets

· Catalina coupons

· In Store demo coupons

· Coupons marked “Do Not Double”

The total doubled value cannot exceed the price of the item.

Double Coupon Limits:

99 Cent Limit

Example: A 99 cent coupon will be doubled to $1.98.

All coupons with a face value of $1.00 or more will be redeemed for the

face value only.

Only four of the same coupon will be doubled per customer, per day.  All

other coupons will be redeemed at face value.

Example: A customer has 12 coupons for Hi-C Punch and purchases

12 cans, 4 coupons will be doubled, 8 will be redeemed at face value.

Internet Coupons

· Tops Markets does accept internet coupons from legitimate coupon websites for

products purchased at our Stores.

· Internet coupons will not be accepted for free products or discounts greater than

five dollars ($5.00).

· Tops Markets reserves the right to refuse any internet coupon based on

manufacturer’s request to withdrawal, counterfeiting, or limit quantities.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call us for more information.

Again, thank you for contacting us.  We value your loyalty and look forward to continuing to serve your shopping needs.

Consumer Affairs Represenative
Tops Markets, LLC.
Tel. #1-800-522-2522  option #5


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  2. Jenn Says:

    I’m not sure I understand the online coupon policy. I’m assuming that since you have printable coupon links that they do take online coupons, I just don’t understand what they dont exept?

    • Denise Says:

      Hi Jenn,

      Tops does take standard internet printable coupons. Tops will not take an internet printable coupon that says you get an item for FREE or if the value is over $5. My store did give me a hassle a few times with a B1G1 Free internet coupon but I pointed out that with the B1G1 i did have to make a purchase for it so it wasnt really free. They let me use those but not until I questioned them. The cashiers are getting better but there are still many that do not know all the details. Having the printed policy helps –especially with new cashiers!

      Hope that helps and thanks for reading coupons For Your Family!

  3. Jessica Says:

    I am wondering if they have a buy one get one free sale if you could use 2 coupons. Like if Purex laundry soap is b1g1FREE and you have 2-$1/1 coupons can you use them both?

    • Denise Says:

      Hi Jessica

      It depends on your store. My store does accept 2 coupons on a b1g1. If you scan your bonus card at the end of the transaction the register automatically accepts 2 coupons. Hope that helps!

  4. Sharon Says:

    Denise or anyone who might know the answer 🙂

    Have you heard of any limits on internet printable coupons? Typically, I go to the self checkout so I’m not hassled by cashiers that look at each coupon 20 times before they scan it (yes, they do at my stores and they read the fine print on each coupon, ugh). However, last week I knew that the Emeril coupon was not working for the canned pasta so I went to a regular register figuring I would get out faster. Boy, was I wrong. I have multiple computers and print 2 coupons per computer so I had 7 more coupons to use and figured I’d use them all at once. The cashier said there was a limit of 4 like coupons to which I said but those aren’t coupons to be doubled since they were $1 coupons. She said there is still a limit of 4 coupons. I know when I’ve gone to the self checkout before I’ve used more than 4 like coupons so I’m wondering what the policy really is?

    Here’s the kicker on my troubles last week, I asked her to take the extra 3 off my receipt and I’d stop another day and use the remaining 3 coupons. She then asks me if I’m sure because they are on sale and I save .54 on each one anyway. Hello… why would I pay $1.25 each when I can stop another day and pay .25 each? LOL

    • Denise Says:

      HI Sharon

      If there is a limitation it will state 4 like coupons on the coupon itself. I am unaware of Tops limiting 4 like from internet other than 4 that are doubling. I am going to have to try the self checkout…maybe save me some time at the register:) Thanks for sharing!!

      • Sharon Says:

        Denise –

        Thanks so much for answering. I hadn’t heard of it either but wanted another opinion. Here’s a tip if you do the self checkout during $1 doubler weeks. No matter what coupons I have I scan my $1 ones first, actually I scan a $1 coupon, then a doubler, then $1, then doubler, etc. then all my other coupons and it’s always worked for me. The other day I spent exactly $15 before coupons and $1 after coupons and was able to use 4 of the doublers. Yesterday the self checkouts were closed so I again had to go to a regular register, guess what, problems with the doublers, ugh! The cashier waited until the end to scan the doublers and by that time my total was below $15 so it wouldn’t take them, so he had to call someone. While we were waiting, I explained how I did it on the self checkouts and asked if he could add all my coupons back on and then try it again. He did and surprise it worked 🙂

        Thanks so much for all you do! I look forward to your deals each week.

        • Denise Says:

          Hi Sharon,

          Thanks so much for the info!! I do not have a self checkout at my small Tops but they are expanding so I am sure they will be getting one!! Cant wait!!

  5. R Says:

    you know I have read the coupond policy, and go by it. But, when I get to the casher they say “no, we can’t use that.” Is there a limit on how meny coupons are used per item. There are alot of coupons that state ” limit one coupon per purchase, but limit of 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip.” Does that mean I have to by 4 items for 4 coupons or what? Also coupons that have it state “buy one product, ex) $1 off.” And you have two of the coupons can you use them both towards that one item? I state all of this because certian Top’s honor more then one coupon and others are sticklers just about using one!!!!! I don’t like games!

    • Denise Says:


      Only 1 manufacturers coupon per item can be used. That is the policy at any store. The only time you can use more than 1 coupon per 1 item is if you have a store issued coupon and a manufacturer coupon. The wording limit one coupon per purchase translates to 1 coupon per item but can use 4 coupons on 4 items purchased in one trip. If you have 5 coupons and buy 5 items, they do not have to accept the 5th coupon because the coupon states limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip. None of the Tops in my area take more than 1 manufacturer coupon per item. The register will beep and cashier will have to override the coupon. Some cashiers will just override out of courtesy if there is a large order but that is an exception not the norm. Hope that helps!

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