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My stockpile has really been going down because I have had little time to shop!! It literally drives me crazy to miss any weekly deals. To miss weekly deals that are close to free is like throwing money out the window! Here is what I bought Sunday Morning


Rite Aid was best deal this week. One transactions for total of $3.05. I had about $23 in +up rewards but I received back about $35(achieved Winter Rewards $20 +ups) and a 10%pass for reaching Wellness level.


CVS was not a great buy but I needed Diet Coke( I am addicted to Coke and Pepsi) and Mascara. I only had a few ECBs to start so had more of an out of pocket this week. Two transactions for total of $17.13  and had $8  in ECBs left for net cost of $9.13. Considering the Mascara not on sale was priced at $8.29, I still got great deal because of makeup deal this week but I do not like to pay out of pocket $17!!

How did all of you do this week shopping? Please share!!


  1. Tina Allen Says:

    I did almost as well at Rite Aid. have $17.00 in Up rewards and lots of coupons. I mamagedto startmy grand total at $54.73 and end t $9.37 for a total savings of $45.36 and still received$5.50 in additional up rewards for next week.

    • Denise Says:

      woohoo!! Awesome! I love hearing about all the deals and savings !Good Job- thanks for sharing!

  2. crystal Says:

    i did great at rite aid this week. i got 8 axe deodorants/body sprays, 2 degree deodorants, 2 hormell chili’s, 4 lay stacks, 4 ziploc containers, 4 ziploc bags, 2 palmolive and 2 chex mix and out of pocket was under $10, i started with about 10 rewards from last week, and ended with $38 rewards for next week (i hit the winter reward 100 mark)! all in all i say it was another great week at rite aid 🙂

    • Denise Says:

      Woohoo Crystal!! Great deal!! Thanks for sharing…I love to hear about great savings like yours! I am becoming addicted to Rite

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