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Sunday Coupon Inserts in Buffalo NewsPaper Oct 5: Jergens, Old Spice, TruMoo, Swanson, Rolaids, Vaseline Lotion and more

Coupon Inserts

Here is this weeks Preview 0f Coupon Inserts coming in Sunday Buffalo NewsPaper Oct 5

I am sorry this took me all day to get published!!

We received one Smartsource insert this week and (2) Redplum inserts

This is the actual list that is in todays Sunday Buffalo Newspaper 10/5/14.  Our coupons always vary from the National Preview.

You can see the National Sunday Coupon Preview list here and purchase any we are missing from the Buffalo News Coupon Preview.

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I have teamed up with another Buffalo Blogger –D’Anna from Smart Qpon Clips to help get these Buffalo Coupons listed every week and to help our readers get them on a regular basis and early if one of us gets the insert earlier. If there are any other Buffalo Coupon bloggers that want to participate please contact me at!

No P&G Insert this week  

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Buffalo Smartsource Insert 10/5


Alexia Frozen Potatoes, or Onion Rings – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/211/16/2014
All Liquid Laundry -Bjs Store Coupon- 10-5-14 SS$4.00/110/26/2014BJs
Arm & Hammer Cat Liter – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/112/31/2014
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/112/31/2014
Ban – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/212/6/2014
Baush+Lomb Preservision, 120 ct – 10-5-14 SS$4.00/112/31/2014
Betty Crocker Helper, Ultimate Helper Skillet Dishes – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/311/30/2014
Biore Pore Strips – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/5/2014
Campbells Chunky Soups Chillis and Bowls 10-5-14 SS$1.00/411/28/2014
Campbells Slow Kettle Style soups – 10-5-SS –$1.25/211/29/2014
Campbells Slow Cooker, Skillet or Oven Sauces -10-5-14 SS$1.00/212/31/2014
Campbells Soups For Easy Cooking 10-5-14$1.00/212/31/2014
Carefree Liners – 10-5-14 SS$0.50/111/16/2014
Celestial Seasonings Teas Box Not Valid on K Cups -10-5-14 SS$1.00/11/5/2014
Claritin-D, 15 ct – 10-5-14 SS$4.00/111/2/2014
Clean Shot Concentrated Bleach Tablets 10-5-14 SS$0.50/111/16/2014
Curel Moisturizer, 3.5 oz – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/112/6/2014
Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles, Odor-X Ultralcool Insoles, Active Series, P.R.O. Pain Relief Orthotics, or Dreakwalk Insoles – 10-5-14 SS$3.00/111/16/2014
Fisher, Recipe Nut, 10 oz – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/18/2014
Halls Drop Bags, 17 ct, or Larger – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/211/15/2014
Hasbro Furreal Friends Get Up and GoGo – 10-5-14 SS$5.00/111/1/2014
Hasbro Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Toy – 10-5-14 SS$5.00/111/1/2014
Hormel Mary Kitchen Hash products -10-5-2-14$1.00/212/1/2014
Hungry Jack Potato Products – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/22/15/2015
Jergens Moisturizer, 7.5 oz, or Larger; Excludes all Soap – 10-5-14 SS$1.50/111/1/2014
John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss; Excluding Precision Foam Colour and Trial – 10-5-14 SS$3.00/112/6/2014
John Frieda Hair Product; Excludes Precision Foam Colour, Trial Sizes, Appliances and Brushes – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/212/6/2014
Johnsonville Meatballs or sausage slices -10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/23/2014
Lysol Disinfectant Spray, 12.5 oz, or Larger – 10-5-14 SS$0.50/111/6/2014
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes – 10-5-14 SS$0.50/211/6/2014
Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System Starter Kit, or Touch of Foam Hand Soap – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/6/2014
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners -10-5-14 SS$0.50/211/6/2014
Mentholatum Vaporizing Rub – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/13/31/2015
Nature Valley Bistro Cups Oatmeal 10-05-14 SS$2.00/111/29/2014
Old Spice Shampoo, or 2In1, Products -10/5/14$2.00/211/30/2014
Old Spice Styling Product  – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/30/2014
Orajel Cold Sore Product – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/11/31/2015
PeroxiClear, 12 oz, or Larger – 10-5-14 SS$3.00/111/15/2014
PeroxiClear, 3 oz, or Larger – 10-5/14 SS$2.00/111/15/2015
Phazyme, 180 mg, Anti-Gas Softgels DND – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/111/30/2014
Phazyme, 180mg, or 250mg, Anti-Gas Softgels – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/111/30/2014
Phazyme, 250mg Anti-Gas Softgels – 10-5-14 SS$3.00/111/30/2014
Playtex Gentle Glide, or Sport Tampons, 14 ct, or Larger – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/16/2014
Playtex Personal Wipes, or Sport Body Wipes – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/16/2014
Post Cereal and Coffee (2) Post Cereal 9.7oz or larger and any Coffee 10-5-14 SS$2.50/311/16/2014
Prego Alfredo Sauce or Cheese Sauce – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/112/31/2014
Prego Italian sauces Excludes Alfredo Sauces – 10-5-14$1.00/312/31/2014
Purina Beneful, 6 oz, Baked Delight, or Healthy Smile Dog Snack Package SS – 10/5/14$1.50/11/5/2015
Red Baron Products 7.2 oz or larger 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/15/2014
Rid X Septic system treatment product -10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/15/2014
Rid X Septic system treatment product -10-5-14 SS$2.50/212/15/2014
Schick Hydro Disposable – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/111/16/2014
Schick Hydro Shave Gels – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/211/16/2014
Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Pack – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/111/16/2014
Schick Xtreme3, ST2, or ST3, Slim Twin or Quattro For Women Disposable Razor; Excludes 2 ct, 10+2 ct, Hydro Silk Disposables and Men’s Disposables – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/111/8/2014
Schick Xtreme3, ST2, or ST3, Slim Twin or Quattro Titanium Disposable Razor; Excludes 2 ct, 10+2 ct, Hydro 5 Disposables and Women’s Disposables – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/111/8/2014
Schick, Men’s Razor, or Refills; Excludes Disposables – 10-5-14 SS$2.00/111/16/2014
SeaPak, 8 oz, or Larger – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/211/16/2014
Skintimate/Edge Shave Gel, or Cream; Excluding 2.75 oz – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/211/16/2014
Stayfree Pads, 36 ct, or Larger – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/111/16/2014
Swanson Broths, Stocks or Cream Starters 26 oz or larger – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/211/30/2014
TruMoo, Gallon Milk or 2 Half Gallons – 10-5-14 SS$0.55/111/30/2014
Werther’s Original Caramels – 10-5-14 SS DND$1.00/212/1/2014
Werther’s Original Caramel Popcorn – 10-5-14 SS DND$1.00/112/1/2014
Wet Ones; Excludes 15 ct, and 20 ct, Travel Packs – 10-5-14 SS$1.00/211/30/2014

Go here to print Smart Source coupons for free from your computer!


Buffalo Redplum Insert 10/5


Abreva 2G Pump, or Tube – 10/5/14$2.00/11/5/2015
Abreva Conceal, 6 oz, or 12 ct – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/11/5/2015
Act Adult ETS – 10-5-14 RP$0.75/111/30/2014
Act Kids Rinse; Excludes Trial and Travel Size – 10-5-14 RP$0.75/111/30/2014
Act Product – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/211/30/2014
Allegra Allergy, 30 ct, or Allergy & Congestion – 10-5-14 RP$4.00/112/31/2014
Allegra Childrens -10-5-14 RP$3.00/112/31/2014
Bear Naked Bar Free when you Buy Bear Naked Granola 11 oz or larger up to $1.29 – 10-5-14B1G111/16/2014
Breathe Right Nasal Strips Product, 10, 12, or 14 ct – 10-5-14 RP$1.50/11/5/2015
Breathe Right Nasal Strips Product, 26 ct or Larger – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/11/5/2015
Canine Carry Outs, Dog Snacks – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/411/30/2014
Citrucel Fiber – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/112/5/2014
Clean & Clear – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/30/2014
DialDeep Cleansing Hand Soaps, 8 oz, Foaming Hand Soap, Liquid Hand Soap Refills, or Bar Soaps, 3 pk, or Larger – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/210/25/2014
Dial or Dial For Men Body washes or Bar soaps up tp $4.49 – 10-5-14 RPB2G110/25/2014
Dry Idea Antiperspirant or Deodorant products -10-5-14 RP$2.00/211/2/2014
Ester-C – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/111/5/2014
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatments – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/1/2014
Garnier Moisturizer – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/111/1/2014
Garnier Style – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/1/2014
Gaviscon – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/112/5/2014
Giovanni Rana Refrigerated Pasta – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/112/31/2014
Giovanni Rana Refrigerated Sauce – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/112/31/2014
Indiana Kitchen bacon limit 1 couponper visit per customer – 10-5-14 RP$0.55/112/31/2014
Jimmy Dean Breakfast; Excluding Rolls – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/2/2014
Jimmy Dean Fresh Sausage Rolls – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/211/2/2014
Kelloggs Cereal 8.7 oz or larger – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/311/16/2014
L’Oreal Age Perfet Cell & Glow Renewal – 10-5-14 RP$3.00/111/1/2014
L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power, or Miracle Blur – 10-5-14 RP$3.00/111/1/2014
L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector – 19/5/14 RP$3.00/111/1/2014
Land O’Frost, Simply Delicious Lunchmeat – 10/5/14$0.75/111/5/2014
Mars Fun Size Bags, 8.67 oz, or Larger 10-5-14 RP$1.50/310/31/2014
Maybelline New York Mascara – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/1/2014
McCormick Spices or Herbs – 10-5-14 RP$1.75/211/2/2014
Milk-Bone Dog Snacks – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/211/30/2014
Milo’s Kitchen Dog Snacks -10-5-14 RP$1.00/211/30/2014
Motrin Children’s or IB – 10-5-14 RP$2.50/211/30/2014
Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/111/4/2014
Nature’s Bounty Probiotic – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/111/4/2014
Nature’s Bounty Vitamin or Supplement – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/4/2014
Neosporin, Neosporin Eczema Essentials, Band Aid Bandages, Bengay, Benadryl Topical, ets and excludes first aid kits also must buy2 different products listed$2.00/311/30/2014
Nescafe Coffee-Mate, 12 oz, or Larger – 10-5-14 RP$1.50/111/30/2014
Neutrogena Cleansing Hair or Body; Excludes Trial, Clearance, and Bar Soap – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/211/30/2014
Osteo Bi-Flex, 30 ct, – 60 ct – 10-5-14 RP$3.00/111/3/2014
Osteo Bi-Flex, 70 ct, or Larger – 10-5-14 RP$5.00/111/3/2014
Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/211/30/2014
Purex Crystals – 10-5-14 RP$1.50/211/2/2014
Purina ALPO Wet Dog Food Cans – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/81/5/2015
Purina ALPO, Wet Dog Food Variety Pack – 10-5-14 RP$1.50/11/5/2015
Purina Mighty Dog, Wet Dog Food Cans, or Variety Pack – 10-5-14 RP$1.75/121/5/2015
Right Guard Xtreme, Clinical Clear, or Total Defense 5 – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/211/2/2014
Rolaids Softchews Twin pk; Excludes Trial and Travel Size; Maximum Value $3 – 10-5-14 RPB1G112/31/2014
Rolaids Tablet Bottle or Rolaids Liquid, 72 ct or Greater or 12 oz or Greater; Maximum Value $5.50; Excludes Trial and Travel Size – 10-5-14 RPB1G112/31/2014
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Color, Top Coat, or Value Pack – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/111/4/2014
Simply Sleep Motrin PM – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/111/30/2014
Skittles/Life Savers Gummies/Starburst, Variety Fun Size Bags – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/211/30/2014
Soft Scrub, 20 oz, or Larger – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/2/2014
Soft Scrub 4 in 1 Toilet Care – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/211/2/2014
Temptations Tumblers Treats – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/16/2014
TheraTears Eye Care – 10-5-14 RP$3.00/11/3/2015
Truvia Baking Blend or Brown Sugar Blend – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/112/14/2014
Truvia Natural Sweetener – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/112/14/2014
Vaseline Lotion, 20.3 oz, or Larger, or Spray Lotion – 10-5-14 RP$2.00/111/2/2014
Wisk – 10-5-14 RP$1.00/111/2/2014

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