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Sunday Coupon Inserts in Buffalo NewsPaper June 28: Tops $5 off $50 Coupon, Ajax, Smithfield, Butterball, Hersheys and more

Buffalo Sunday Coupon Inserts

Here is this weeks List 0f Coupons in the Sunday Coupon Inserts in Buffalo NewsPaper June 28!

We received 2 inserts this week –(1) RedPlum and (1) Smartsource

The Buffalo News also has a $5 0ff $50 Tops coupon expiring 7/4/15 on the front cover so if you can use some of the coupons in the inserts, you may want to buy multiple full papers!

Tops coupon


This is the actual list that is in the Sunday Buffalo Newspaper 6/28/15.  Our coupons always vary from the National Preview.

You can see the National Sunday Coupon Preview list here and purchase any we are missing from the Buffalo News Coupon Preview.

Make sure to review the list now to see if you want to buy extra papers on Sunday morning!

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You can Buy Coupons from multiple different Coupon Clipping Services but here are the 5 services I use most:

Klip2Save, My Coupon Hunter,  Jacks CouponsEbayCoupon Clippers, and Coupons By Dede

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Buffalo Smartsource Insert 6/28

Ajax Dish Liquid or Auto Pacs – 6-28-15 SS$0.20/17/18/2015Includes Liquid, 25 oz or Larger
Aveeno Facial Care Products – 6-28-15 SS$3.00/27/31/2015Excludes Cleansing Bars, Moisturizing Bars and Trial Size
Beech-Nut Classic Jars – 6-28-15 SSB1G17/25/2015
Beech-Nut Naturals and Organic Jars – 6-28-15 SSB1G17/25/2015
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/38/22/2015
Butterball Chef Select Refridgerated Entrees$1.00/18/23/2015
Butterball EveryDay Frozen Turkey Burgers$1.00/18/23/2015DND
Butterball Everyday Turkey Bacon$1.00/28/23/2015DND
Butterball Everyday Turkey Dinner Sausage or Turkey Franks$1.00/28/23/2015DND
Butterball Lunch Meat$1.00/28/23/2015
Butterball Natural Inspirations Product$1.00/18/23/2015
Butterball Roast or Frozen Meat Balls$1.00/18/23/2015
Butterball Service Deli Meat$1.00/18/23/2015Includes: 1 lb or more only
Butterball Tray Packaged Items$1/28/23/2015Includes: fresh Turkey Breast. Burgers, Sausage, or Ground Turkey only
Carvel Oreo, Chips Ahoy! or Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cake – 6-28-15 SS$3.00/18/31/2015Includes 32 oz or Larger
Clear Care Solution – 6-28-15 SS$1.50/18/8/2015Includes 12 oz or Larger
Clear Care Solution – 6-28-15 SS$3.00/17/4/2015Includes 12 oz or Larger
Colgate 360 or Slim Soft Manual Toothbrush – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/27/18/2015Excludes Plus, Triple Action, Extrea Clean or Classic Clean
Colgate Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse – 6-28-15 SS$2.00/17/25/2015Includes 480 ml or Larger
Colgate Toothpaste – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/27/11/2015Includes 3 oz or Larger
Crush, Hawaiian Punch, Diet Snapple, Wyler’s Light or Jolly Rancher Drinks$1.00/38/31/2015Includes Singles, Canisters and Value Pack
Dr Scholl;s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts$5.00/18/10/2015
Dr Scholl’s Insole$2.00/18/10/2015Includes: Insole $7.95 or Larger
Efferdent Product – 6-28-15 SS$2.00/17/26/2015Includes 78 ct or Larger
Farm Rich Smoked House BBQ Item$1.50/19/30/2015Includes: 16 oz only
General Mills Big G Cereals – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/8/2015
Heluva Good Dip$0.75/18/30/2015DND
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/23/2015Includes 6 pk Only
Hershey’s Syrups or Hershey’s, York, Reese’s or Heath Toppings – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/23/2015Includes Syrups, 17 oz or Larger or Toppings, 7.25 oz or Larger
Honey Maid Grahams – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/8/2015Includes 14 oz or Larger
Icaps Eye Vitamin and Mineral Product$5.00/18/2/2015
Infusium 23 Shampoo, Conditioner or Leave In Treatment – 6-28-15 SS$2.00/17/12/2015Excludes 1.7 oz
Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows – 6-28-15 SS$0.20/28/2/2015Includes 8 oz or Larger
Lysol No Touch Refill or Foam Pump- 6-28-15 SS$1.00/18/1/2015
Maxwell Iced Coffee Concentrate – 6-28-15 SS$0.75/18/8/2015
Meadow Brook DairyPure White Milk$.55/18/31/2015off 1 gallon or $.55/2 Half gallons
Meadow Brook or Deans DairyPure Cream, Half & Half or Heavy Whipping Cream, qt$.55/18/31/2015Includes: 1 quart or larger
Miralax$1.00/17/25/2015Includes: 10 ct or 14 dose or larger
Miralax$3.00/17/25/2015Includes: 30 dose or larger
Morton Season All Seasoned Salt$0.35/17/18/2015any variety
Mott’s Juice or Sauce – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/31/2015
Nabisco belVita Biscuits – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/15/2015Includes 8.8 oz or Larger
Nabisco Cookie or Cracker Products – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/38/8/2015Includes 4.5 oz or Larger
Opti-Free Solution – 6-28-15 SS$1.50/18/8/2015Includes 10 oz or Larger
Opti-Free Solution – 6-28-15 SS$3.00/17/4/2015Includes 10 oz or Larger
Pert Plus Product – 6-28-15 SS$0.50/17/12/2015Includes 13.5 oz or Larger
Pert Plus Product – 6-28-15 SS$2.00/17/12/2015Includes 25.4 oz or Larger
Planters Products – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/23/2015Includes 6 oz or Larger; DND
Popchips$1.00/28/31/2015Includes: 3 – 6.25 oz only
Popchips, Veggie$1.00/28/31/2015Includes: 3 oz only
Purina Cat Chow$1.00/19/28/2015Includes: 3.15 lb or larger only
Resolve Carpet Cleaner Machine Solution$2.00/17/28/2015Includes: 48 – 60 oz only
Resolve Laundry Stain removers$0.50/17/28/2015
Resolve Max Laundry Stain Re,over$0.50/17/28/2015
Resolve Pet Stain or Pet High traffic Foam$0.50/17/28/2015
Resolve Stain Remover or High Traffic Foam Product$0.50/17/28/2015
Revlon Beauty Tool$1.00/18/2/2015
Revlon Color Effects or Frost & Glow – 6-28-15 SS$2.00/18/1/2015
Revlon Colorsilk or Colorsilk Luminista – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/1/2015
Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream – 6-28-15 SS$2.00/18/1/2015
Revlon Nail Enamel$3.00/17/11/2014
Rid X Septic System Treatment$0.50/18/8/2015
Rid X Septic System Treatment0.50/19/8/2015
Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta Items$1.00/28/8/2015
Sabra Hummus$1.00/19/30/2015Includes: 10 oz or larger only
Schick Disposable Razor Pack – 6-28-15 SS$4.00/17/25/2015Excludes 2 ct and 10+2 ct
Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill – 6-28-15 SS$3.00/18/9/2015Excludes Disposables
Skintimate Shave Gels or Cremes – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/9/2015Excludes 2.75 oz
Smithfield Bacon$1.00/28/31/2015Includes 12-16 oz
Smithfield Bacon$1.00/18/31/2015Includes 24-40 oz
Systane Product – 6-28-15 SS$3.00/18/2/2015Includes 4 ml or Larger
Tabasco Product – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/18/15/2015
Twizzlers or Jolly Rancher Candy Bags – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/28/23/2015Includes 11 oz or Larger
Woolite Product – 6-28-15 SS$1.00/18/9/2015Includes 50 oz or Larger
YoCrunch Products$1.00/19/15/2015Includes: (2) 4 packs of 4 oz YoCrunch Products or any (4) 6 oz Yocrunch single serve cups, or any (4) 5.3 oz Yocrunch Yopa Greek Yogurt Singles
Zegerid OTC$3.00/17/25/2015Includes: 14 ct or larger
Zegerid OTC$8.00/17/12/2015Includes: 42 ct or larger

Go here to print Smart Source coupons for free from your computer!

Buffalo Redplum Insert 6/28

4C Totally Light Stix$1.00/19/30/2015Includes: 14 – 24 ct
4C Pitcher Packs$1.00/29/30/2015Includes: 14 Qt
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste – 6-28-15 RP$0.75/17/26/2015Includes 5.6 oz or Larger
Carefresh Complete Food$3.00/27/31/2015Save $3.00/1 on Carefresh food wyb 50L-60L in Carefresh Bedding
Carefresh Custom Bedding 23L or larger$5.00/27/31/2015
Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Eczema Lotion, Anti-Itch Lotion For Diabetic’s Skin or Hydratensive Lotion – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/18/8/2015Excludes 1 oz or Smaller, Coupons Can’t Be Combined With Other Offers
Cortizone 10 Product – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/18/8/2015Coupon Can’t Be Combined With Other Offers
Dry Idea Antiperspirant Deodorant Product – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/27/26/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day; Can’t Be Redeemed With Any Other Coupon
Eckrich Rope or Links Smoked Sausage – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/17/19/2015Includes 11 – 14 oz Only
Florida Crystals Natural Cane, Organic or Demerara Sugar Product – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/19/14/2015
Fungicure Products$1.00/19/30/2015
Hefty Large Trash Bags – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/19/30/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Hefty Slider Bags – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/38/31/2015Includes 12 ct or Larger, Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Hefty Tall Kitchen Trash Bags – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/19/30/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Herbal Essences Styling Product – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/17/26/2015Excludes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Color, Body Wash and Trial/Travel Sizes, Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Kellogg’s All Bran, Muselix, Product 19, Smart Start, Cracklin’ Oat Bran, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Crunchy Nut, Raisin Bran and/or Corn Flakes Cereal$1.00/28/9/2015Includes: 9 oz or larger, Any Flavor, Mix and Match
L’Oreal Everstrong, Oleotherapy, Everpure, Evercurl, Eversleek or Evercreme Shampoo or Conditioner – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/17/25/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect Haircolor Product – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/17/25/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
L’Oreal Oleotherapy, Everpure, Evercurl, Eversleek or Evercreme Treatment Product – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/17/25/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Land O’Frost Premium, Bistro Favorites or Canadian Bacon – 6-28-15 RP$0.75/18/29/2015
Land O’Frost Sub Sandwich Kit – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/18/29/2015
Muller Greek 100 Yogurts$1.00/38/9/2015Limit 1 Coupon
Newman’s Own Complete Skillet Meal – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/18/8/2015
Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/28/8/2015
Newman’s Own Salad Dressing – 6-28-15 RP$1.50/28/8/2015
Newman’s Own Salsa – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/28/8/2015
Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy Pizza – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/18/8/2015
Pringles Full Size Cans$1.00/38/9/2015Includes: 160g or Larger, Mix or Match Any Flavor; Excludes: Fat Free, 100 Calorie and Trial/Travel Sizes
Purina Alpo Dog Snacks – 6-28-15 RP$1.50/28/28/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Purina Beggin’ Dog Snacks – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/28/28/2015Includes 6 oz or Larger, Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Purina Busy Bone Chewbone Treat or Beneful Baked Delights Dog Snacks – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/28/28/2015Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day
Right Guard Antiperspirant Deodorant Products – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/27/26/2015Excludes Sport,  Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day, Can’t Be Redeemed With Any Other Coupon
Right Guard Body Wash – 6-28-15 RP$2.00/27/26/2015 Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day, Can’t Be Redeemed With Any Other Coupon
TheraTears Eye Care Product$3.00/19/30/2015
Tone Body Wash Products – 6-28-15 RP$1.00/27/18/2015 Limit 4 Like Coupons In Same Day, Can’t Be Redeemed With Any Other Coupon
Tums$1.50/28/23/2015Includes: Any 2 Tums, 32 ct or Larger
Tums Chewy Delights$1.50/18/23/2015Includes: 32 ct
Uricalm Max Tablets$1.00/18/31/2015Includes 28 ct
Uricalm Cranberry Chewables with D-Mannose Tablets$3.00/18/31/2015Includes 60 ct

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