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See the list of coupons in the Sunday Coupon Inserts in Buffalo NewsPaper April 26: Finesse, Land O Frost, Wheat Thins, Skinny Cow, Dial and more

Sunday Coupon Inserts

Here is this weeks Preview 0f Sunday Coupon Inserts in Buffalo NewsPaper April 26

We received 2 inserts this week –(1) SmartSource and (1) RedPlum

This is the actual list that is in the Sunday Buffalo Newspaper .  Our coupons always vary from the National Preview.

You can see the National Sunday Coupon Preview list here and purchase any we are missing from the Buffalo News Coupon Preview.

Make sure to review the list now to see if you want to buy extra papers on Sunday morning!

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Buffalo Smartsource Insert 4/26

Apple & Eve Organics Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/31/2015Includes 33.8 oz
Carnation Instant Breakfast Boxes, Canisters or Multipacks – 4-26-15 SS$1.50/26/21/2015
Clearasil Product – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/16/6/2015
Colgate Optic White Express White, White Platinum or Enamel Health Toothpaste – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/15/9/2015Includes 3 oz or Larger
Correctol Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/16/21/2015Includes 30 ct or Larger
Correctol Product – 4-26-15 SS$3.00/16/21/2015Includes 90 ct
Country Time or Tang Drink Mixes – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/25/31/2015
Crunchmaster Cracker Bag or Box – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/31/2015
Crystal Light Liquid or Powder Drink Mixes – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/25/31/2015
Dole Smoothies Shakers – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/16/21/20156/21/2015
Enfamil Powder Product – 4-26-15 SS$3.00/25/31/2015
Enfamil Ready-to-Use Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/15/31/2015
Finesse Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/16/27/2015
Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Aid – 4-26-15 SS$0.50/15/30/2015
Finish Machine Cleaner or Detergent Booster – 4-26-15 SS$0.75/15/30/2015
Finish Quantum Max, Max in 1, Powerball or Gel Pac Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/25/30/20155/30/2015
Furmano’s Canned Tomatoes – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/35/31/2015
General Mills Cereals – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/36/6/2015
GUM for Kids Products – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/25/31/2015
GUM Kids Toothpaste or Power Toothbrush – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/15/31/2015
Johnsonville Sausage – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/26/22/2015DND
Keri Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/31/2015
Keri Product – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/15/15/2015
Kool-Aid Liquid or Powder Drink Mixes – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/25/31/2015Excludes Envelopes
Land O’Frost Simply Delicious Lunch Meat – 4-26-15 SS$0.75/15/31/2015
Mitchum Deodorant – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/15/30/2015Excludes Clinical, Twin Pks and Trial and Travel Sizes
Mitchum Men’s or Women’s Clinical Deodorant – 4-26-15 SS$3.00/15/30/2015Excludes Smart Solid
Nabisco Wheat Thins Boxes – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/25/31/2015Includes 8 oz or Larger
Perform Pain Relief Product – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/16/7/2015
Perform Thera Pearl Reusable Hot/Cold Therapy Product – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/16/7/2015
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/16/7/2015
Purina Alpo Dog Snacks – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/26/2015
Purina Beneful Baked Delights FREE wyb Purina Busy Chew Treats – 4-26-15 SSB1G17/19/2015Maximum Value $ 4.00
Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/16/6/2015Includes 3.5 lb or Larger
Purina Beneful Tubs – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/46/6/2015Includes 3 ct Multipacks Wet Dog Food
Purina Cat Chow Cat Food Bag – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/31/2015Includes 3.15 lb or Larger
Purina Fancy Feast Broths Gourmet Cat Complement Pouches – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/47/31/2015Includes 1.4 oz
Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food Cans – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/207/31/2015Includes 3 oz
Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Dry Cat Food – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/31/2015
Purina Fancy Feast Medleys or Mornings Gourmet Cat Food Cans – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/107/31/2015Includes 3 oz
Purina Friskies Cat Treats, 2.1 oz FREE wyb (3) Purina Friskies Cat Treats Packages – 4-26-15 SSB3G17/26/2015Maximum Value $ 1.69
Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/31/2015
Revlon Beauty Tool – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/15/31/2015
Revlon Gold Series Marchesa Beauty Tool – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/15/31/2015
Schick Disposable Razor Pack – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/15/24/2015Excludes 2 ct, 10 + 2 ct, Hydro 5, Hydro Silk Disposables
Schick Edge or Hydro Shave Gels – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/26/7/2015
Schick Hydro Disposable Razor – 4-26-15 SS$2.00/16/7/2015
Schick Hydro Razor AND (1) Hydro Refill – 4-26-15 SS$10.00/26/7/2015Excludes Disposables
Schick Quattro Razor AND (1) Quattro Refill – 4-26-15 SS$10.00/26/7/2015Excludes Disposables
Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Hair Color Product – 4-26-15 SS$3.00/15/31/2015
Schwarzkopf Hair Coloring Products – 4-26-15 SS$7.00/25/31/2015
Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair Color Product – 4-26-15 SS$3.00/15/31/2015
Scotch Brite Products – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/25/31/20155/31/2015
Skinny Cow Candy – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/16/15/2015Includes 4.65 6 oz
Skinny Cow Creamy Iced Coffee Drink – 4-26-15 SS$0.75/16/15/2015
Skinny Cow Creamy Iced Coffee Drink – 4-26-15 SS$1.25/16/15/2015Includes 4 pk
Skinny Cow Frozen Treat – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/16/15/2015Includes 4 – 6 ct
Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels Bags – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/26/30/2015Includes 8.25 oz or Larger
Stayfree Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/15/24/2015
Tena Product – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/15/10/2015
Tena Products – 4-26-15 SS$5.00/25/10/2015
Tyson Chicken Strips – 4-26-15 SS$1.00/17/26/2015
Zegerid Product – 4-26-15 SS$4.00/15/31/2015Includes 14 ct
Zegerid Product – 4-26-15 SS$6.00/15/31/2015Includes 42 ct

Go here to print Smart Source coupons for free from your computer!


Buffalo Redplum Insert 4/26

Allegra Allergy Product – 4-26-15 RP$5.00/15/24/2015Includes 24 ct or Larger; Excludes D and Children’s
Allegra Children’s Allergy Product – 4-26-15 RP$3.00/15/24/2015
Allegra Allergy 24 Hour or Gelcap Product – 4-26-15 RP$4.00/15/24/2015Includes 24 HR, 15 ct or Gelcap, 8 ct; Excludes Allegra-D and Children’s
Allegra-D Allergy & Congestion Product – 4-26-15 RP$3.00/15/24/2015May require a prescription in some states
Bayer Aspirin Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/16/20/2015Includes 24 ct or Larger
Bertolli Products – 4-26-15 RP$1.50/26/7/2015
Depend Bed or Seat Protectors – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/30/2015Includes 8 ct or Larger
Depend Package – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/30/2015Includes 8 ct or Larger
Depend Shields or Guards for Men – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/30/2015Includes 8 ct or Larger
Dial Body Wash, For Men Body Wash, Acne Control Body Wash, or Tone Body Wash – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/25/16/2015
Dial Kids, Baby Body+Hair Wash, Kids, or Baby Foaming Hand Soap – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/25/16/2015
Dial, Dial for Men, or Tone Bar Soap – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/25/16/2015Includes 3 pk or Larger, Dial Foaming Hand Soap, Boutique Collection Liquid Hand Soap, 8 oz, or Hand Soap Refill
Flintstones Vitamins Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/15/30/2015Excludes Trial or Travel Size
Indiana Kitchen Bacon, any one package – 4-26-15 RP$0.50/17/31/2015
Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/16/30/2015
L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care Treatment Product – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/23/2015Excludes 1.7 oz, Trial or Travel Size
L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/23/2015Excludes 1.7 oz, Trial or Travel Size
L’Oreal Advanced Hairstyle Product – 4-12-15 RP$2.00/15/23/2015Excludes 1.7 oz, Trial or Travel Size
L’Oreal Age Perfect Day Cream SPF 15, or Age Perfect Night Cream – 4-26-15 RP$3.00/15/23/2015Excludes Trial or Travel Size
L’Oreal Everstrong, Oleotherapy, Everpure, Evercurl, Eversleek, Evercreme Treatment, or Everstyle Product – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/23/2015
L’Oreal Paris EverStrong, OleoTherapy, EverPure, EverCurl, EverSleek or EverCreme Shampoo or Conditioner – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/23/2015Limit of 4 identical coupons for the same product per household per day
L’Oreal Paris Excellence Age Perfect Haircolor Product – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/23/2015Excludes Excellence Creme; Limit of 4 identical coupons for the same product per household per day
L’Oreal Paris Lip Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/15/23/2015Excluding Infallible Pro-Last 2-Step Lipcolor
L’Oreal Paris Pro-Last 2-Step Lipcolor – 4-26-15 RP$3.00/15/23/2015
Milk-Bone Brushing Chews brand Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/16/21/2015DND
Nasacort Allergy 24HR Product – 4-26-15 RP$5.00/15/24/2015
One A Day Product – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/16/21/2015Excludes Trial or Travel Size
One A Day Vitacraves Product – 4-26-15 RP$5.00/25/10/2015Excludes Trial or Travel Size
Poise Pads or Liners – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/15/30/2015Excludes Liners, 14 – 26 ct, or Pads, 10 ct
Purex Crystals Fragrance Booster – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/25/10/2015
Rimmel London Eye Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/17/31/2015
Rimmel London Eye, Face, or Nail Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/17/31/2015
Seventh Generation Dish Liquid – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/16/30/2015
Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent – 4-26-15 RP$2.00/16/30/2015
Seventh Generation Wipes Package – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/16/30/2015
Sheba brand Cans or Perfect Portions Food For Cats – 4-26-15 RPB10G106/6/2015Includes Free Items, of Equal or Lesser Value, Up to a Value of $8.90; No Cash or Credit Back
Sheba brand Cans or Perfect Portions Food For Cats – 4-26-15 RPB5G56/6/2015Includes Free Items, of Equal or Lesser Value, Up to a Value of $4.45; No Cash or Credit Back
Sheba brand Cans or Perfect Portions Food For Cats Multipacks – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/16/6/2015Includes Cans, 24 ct or (2) 12 ct; No Cash or Credit Back
Silk Cups – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/36/7/2015
Soft Scrub 4-In-1 Toilet Care Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/25/24/2015
Soft Scrub Product – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/15/24/2015
Temptations Treats for Cats – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/26/6/2015No Cash or Credit Back
Zing Stevia Sweetener – 4-26-15 RP$1.00/17/4/2015

Go here to print Red Plum coupons for free from your computer!

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