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Don’t miss these 16 Reduced Wegmans Prices (no coupons needed): $.33 Soup, $.59 Pasta, $.79 Sauce, $1.69lb Chicken & more!

Wegmans Reduced Prices

These 16 Reduced Wegmans Prices will be ending on Saturday March 3/2!

Right now, there are 16 Reduced Wegmans Price items! These are everyday products you can stock up on for your freezer and pantry without cutting coupons! Note: Some items require a Shoppers Club card. Wegmans has done this to help those that were struggling with the government shutdown.

Make sure to use this to your advantage and before you head over to the store, take a look our Wegmans Coupon Deals list here!


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My favorite deals are the $.79 Pasta Sauce and $.79 Iceburg lettuce!! What’s yours??


CFYF – Wegmans (02/17-02/24 Wegmans Buffalo by CFYF)

Wegmans Giant Bread, 22 oz
Limit 4, Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Wegmans Pasta Sauce 24 oz
Limit 8, Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Wegmans Pasta 12-16 oz (select varieties) $0.59
Limit 8, Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Wegman’s Fat Free Milk, 1 gal
Everyday Price 12/23/18

Wegmans Blended Yogurt 6 oz
Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Wegmans Large Dozen Eggs
Limit 6 Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Wegmans Family Pack Large Eggs (3 dozen)
Limit 2 Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Wegmans Frozen Vegetables 12-16 oz.
Limit 8 Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Beef, Ground, 80% Lean, per lb
Shoppers club thru 3/2Family Pack

Chicken, Breast, Boneless, Skinless, per lb
Shoppers Club thru 3/2Includes: Wegmans Family Pack

Lettuce, Iceburg, ea
Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Onions, Yellow, 2 lb bag
Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Wegmans Salad Blends 5- 10 oz
Shoppers Club thru 3/2

Potatoes, White, 5 lbs
Buffalo CLP List;Includes: Wegmans Family Pack

Wegmans Condensed Soup 10.50-10.75 oz
Limit 9, Shoppers Club thru 3/2Chicken Noodle & Tomato only

Grapes, Red, per lb
$1.99Shoppers Club thru 3/2


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