One Pan Baked Chicken Thigh Recipe with Green Beans and Red Potatoes
  1. Arrange your ingredients
  2. Wash Green Beans and trim. Wash and dice potatoes. Peel garlic cloves.
  3. Spray baking dish or pan with cooking spray
  4. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, seasoned salt, Italian seasoning, and rosemary in a small bowl.
  5. Drizzle half of the olive oil mixture over veggies and toss to coat.
  6. Spread potatoes, green beans, and garlic cloves evenly in dish/pan
  7. Arrange chicken thighs evenly on top of veggies and brush chicken with the remaining olive oil mixture, then sprinkle with black pepper
  8. Bake at 425 degrees for 40-50 minutes or until thighs reach 165 degrees internal temperature
  9. Remove chicken to a separate dish and cover with foil to keep hot
  10. Stir veggies, and bake the green beans and potatoes for another 15-20 minutes or until potatoes are browned and cooked through. (to shorten cook time you can also microwave the potatoes for 5 minutes before putting into oven- this step then may be eliminated)
  11. Serve chicken with green beans and potatoes. My family likes to have sour cream served with this dish!