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As I am working on the Tops matchups for the week, I thought I would take a minute and share a picture I took of the Gas Station being put up at my Local Tops #215 on McKinley in Hamburg, NY. I am very excited to get gas pumps at my favorite Tops store!! The large International Tops on Southwestern is where I get my gas now but it is not my favorite to shop at  just because it is too big and I have a hard time finding what I am looking for!! When I asked one of the cashiers if the #215 store was going to become an International she said no it was just being remodeled and having a small expansion!!

If you are not shopping at Tops, you are missing out on some great gas savings!!! Last promotion I had $3.50 a gallon of a tanks of gas!! My tank is a 16 gallon but we get our full 30 gallons by filling gas cans to have for our boat and lawnmower!! That is $105 in savings on items I already buy on a normal basis!

If you follow our Tops weekly matchups, you can save on sale items matched with coupons and earn gas points!! Sign up here to get your Tops Bonus Card and start saving on gas!!

Stay tuned for the 7/3 weekly matchups to be posted!! If you have to run to the store today Saturday–take a peak at last weeks matchups here to get savings today!!

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