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I saw this on TV and I want to get this so I thought it might be of interest to some of you also:)

The Perfect Tortilla expands your ability to make meals under $10 for an entire family!!

2lbs 90% lean ground beef @$2.99 everyday club pack price at Wegmans = $6
Head of Lettuce at Aldi’s usually $.99
Package of Burritos at Tops on Sale usually= $2
Additional Ingredients and sauces= $1
Total Cost of Meal for 4-5= $10
**if you use Chicken you buy on sale will be even less:)

We eat a lot of tacos and burritos in our house because it is healthy, quick and inexpensive– this tortilla mold will add another twist for a taco salad!

We make beef, chicken and steak taco’s and burritos. I could also imagine a Chicken Souvlaki Salad with Greek Dressing and Feta in this tortilla bowl.

The TV commercial I saw, showed this great ice cream dish in the tortilla shell too:

Right now they are offering a B1G1 Deal where you get 4 molds, 2  Recipe Books and a FREE Cut and Cup to Dice, Chop and Slice:

I am glad I did not buy this when I saw it on TV because I don’t remember the Double order!! For $10 plus shipping I can create many healthy, quick and expensive meals or snacks for my family!


You can get yours here–> As Seen on TV Perfect Tortilla Bowl B1G1 FREE offer

What else can you imagine making in this cool Tortilla Mold?


  1. Donna Hup Says:

    I love those bowls! I never thought of doing desserts!

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