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Kraft Food and Family Magazine only $6.99!!



Go here to get your subscription for $6.99 or 2 years for $13.98!!

I just ordered mine and it said my cookbook would be sent in 6-10 weeks. The next publication will not be until September so we will see when that is sent out!!

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Get iPad® editions of 3 great magazines for the low price of 1 … a full year of Better Homes and Gardens® (12 issues), Family Circle® (12 issues) and Rachael Ray Every Day™ (10 issues) – for the introductory rate of just $10. PLUS I get 3 new digital cookbooks ABSOLUTELY FREE! Benefits of automatic renewal included on all selections. (Only available on iPad® 2 or newer.)



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  1. janet Zirger Says:

    I want to give the Kraft magazine as a gift for a bridal do I pay for it but have it sent to the bride? thanks!

    • Denise Says:

      Hi Janet,

      There should be a ship to address for the magazine different from the bill to address. If not, then there should be a link to contact customer service and they should have your answer!! Thanks!! Great gift:)

  2. Regina Beckman Says:

    Would like to make a change of address

  3. I have a subscription to Food & Family Magazine. I would like to send 2 subscriptions as Christmas gifts. Your form does not allow for payer and recipient. How do I order these gifts?

    • Denise Says:

      Hi Jan,
      It is actually not my form. My suggestion would be to go to and click on the top meu Kraft Food and Family. If there isn’t a place to give a gift there then contact Kraft Customer Service. There should be a link right on their site.

  4. REnee Evans Says:

    I send a check for magazines and never received any magazines. its been a long time. whats up

    • Denise Says:

      Hi Renee
      I did not see an address as to where you could send a check?? You should contact customer service at and they should be able to help you.

  5. Eileen Roe Says:

    I have not received the last issue of Food & Family. It should be the holiday issue. Also, last year at this time I made a duplicate payment so I’d like to be sure I still have another year coming. Could someone check and get back to me?

  6. Charlotte Smith Says:

    I received a renewel offer in the mail for 2 year subscription for the price of one year plu a free cook book but do not have an address for the offer. I discarded the outside envelop without realizing there was not an address inside. Please reply asap as offer expires 11/22/11 and I do want to renew! Thank you

    • Denise Says:

      Hi Charlotte

      You need to contact Kraft directly at I only post about the coupons in the magazine but am no way affiliated with the magazine

  7. I renewed my subscription on 11/04/09. I also renewed my subscription on 8/24/2010 for 2 years, then again I renewed my subscription on 10/29 2011 for 2 years. The last mailing was endorsed by Julie Martin. Please tell me how long and/ or when does my subscription expire with the two renewals? I am receiving food&family magazine.

    Thank You
    Eleanor Gerberi

  8. Mary Jean Taylor Says:

    I ordered this magazine and sent my money/check and was hoping that I would get the most recent subscription (with the candy truffles on front cover). How can I make sure that I get this edition? This would start my subscription. I really want this most recent issue.

    • Denise Says:

      Hi Mary,

      I only post the discounted subscripton, I do not actually manage the subscriptions. All subscriptions go directly through Kraft. You can contact their customer service here–

  9. Vicki Matteson Says:

    First, above you should ask for “e-mail address” not “mail”. It’s confusing.

    I’ve been getting this great magazine for years & have been paying since you started requesting it. In November, I received my renewal invoice, which offered a free subscription as an incentive to renew. I paid & ordered the free subscription. The person received her magazine last week, but I have yet to receive mine. Is there a reason I haven’t received the newest magazine? When can I expect this? Thanks.

  10. Marilyn Murray Says:

    I renewed my subscription for ‘food&family’ January 11th & sent a check for $14.98.
    Now I received a ‘renewal request’ for $13.98 which would include my gift subscription to
    Sandra Gorr which also expires March 12. I don’t understand the confusion. Please send
    Sandra the subcription offered. She enjoys the magazine since she is handicapped & they are easy receipes.. Please clarify this situation. Thanks. Marilyn

  11. Patty Jeffries Says:

    I renewed my subscription but have noy got my free cookbook yet. paid for it and started gettinh my magaizines. could you tell me when i will be getting it?

  12. Shawn Lemieux Says:

    I’m moving in a few weeks. How do I guarantee my magazine moves with me?

  13. Jacky Dodd Says:

    I ordered and paid for a 1 yr. sub. back on 1-12-12 – so far, absolutely nothing from Kraft – I read that it would be 6-10 weeks before I would receive anything – so far, nothing – what gives – I have always loved Kraft products, but frankly, their “publishing” end of things stinks – all kinds of goodies promised as outlined on the info blank such as items 001-005 plus the BONUS – does anyone from Kraft actually read this forum –

  14. EMILY TURNER Says:


  15. Sue Hess Says:

    I renewed for two years with the offer of a free cookbook on January 18, 2012 and have not received anything yet. Please reply.

  16. Rebecca (Becky) Patrick Says:

    I paid for 2 years about one year ago and I received a renewal request. I should be good for another year. Would you please check on this?

  17. samantha Says:

    Can you people not read the comments above? She doesn’t have anything to do with the magazine she just posted an offer. Contact Kraft with your problems. They don’t read this forum, it’s one of thousands of coupon sites…

  18. Alice Waldhart Says:

    I ordered three subscriptions on April 25 and sent a check for 27.96. The names are Alice Waldhart, Erin Waldhart, and Beth Waldhart. My check has not cleared at my bank. Please check into this. Thankyou.



    • Hi Eileen,

      You will need to contact Kraft food directly. I only promote the special deals but have nothing to do with the magazine itself.

  20. marlene Says:

    I bought this deal in early August and I still have not received anything! Where is my cook book and magazines??

    • Hi Marlene,

      I only post the deals…you would have to contact Kraft directly to check on your subscription. Thank you

  21. Arlee Says:

    How can I get this magazine in Canada? Would like to have sent it to my daughter for Christmas but see it is only available in the States..We do have Kraft products up here as well.

  22. Judith A.Mosseau Says:

    I subscribed to your Food and Family Magazine my check was dated January 8th my check was cashed and I haven’t receive ANYTHING from you. Please let me know when the magazine will start. I think I had it mailed to my sister Marion Reamer
    10725 S. Ocean Drive#192 or my address not sure which I used on the form. My addres is the same as my sisters, but my lot number is 317. Please let me know what is going on with not receiving my subscription…..

    Judy Mosseau

  23. Tamara Lee Thilmany Says:

    My mother sent in her $6.99 months ago! Her check was cashed in January and she has never recieved her magazine! This is not right! How do i resolve this and get her magazines or her money back! We are not letting this go!


    I just PAID FOR THE MAGAZINE,ANDMY DAUGHTER ALSO PAID IT FOR ME. NOW IM RECEVING TWO MAGAZINE AT THE SAME TIME. Can one subscription be held for next year or can I get a refund.

  25. Kimberly Tennant Says:

    Please let me know when my subscription expired. I want to renew.

  26. Cindy Knapfel Says:

    I sent a check to you for a 2 year subscription which was cashed well over 2 weeks ago and I have not received any magazines yet. I would like to request my money back which was in the amount of $13.98.

    Thank you,
    Cindy Knapfel

    • Hi Cindy

      You did not send a check to Coupons For Your Family, you must have sent a check to KRaft for the subscription. I only post the deals and have nothing to do with the subscription service itself. You will need to contact Kraft regarding any questions you have on your subscription

  27. Christine Smith Says:

    Please be advised effective August 1, 2013 my new mailing addressfor Foods & Family magazine is:

    216 Ansley Place Court, Houma, LA 70360.

    Christine Smith
    113 Thetford Dr.
    Houma, LA 70360

  28. Lois/Sanny Fietz Says:

    How do I eliminate receiving two magazinees every month???
    I sent iin a renewal for a year and now I am receiveing two magazine–so my expiratin dates is Spr 14 (#KFF8019611124/9#) and the other expires in Fall of 15 (KFF8004232495/7#
    Please advise as I do not use two copies.
    thank You

  29. Ellen O'Brien Says:

    I need to update my new address so I can continue to receive my issues – where do I do that please? Kraft Food & Family Magazine

  30. Linda Burton Says:

    I would like to get the Kraft food and family Magazine. I use to get them but have not gotten any lately. I would like to start getting it again. Could you tell me if there is a cost for them or how that works now. Please let me know.

    Thanks Linda Burton

  31. Debra Kozielski Says:

    I would like to change my address so I can keep getting my order 943 Baytree Drive Flowood, MS 39232 old address 172 Bermuda Drive. Greenville, Ms 38701

  32. mary clark Says:

    I ordered my magazine on 1/7/14 and have not received it yet. When may I expect it?

    • Hi MAry

      You will have to contact Kraft Food and Family Magazine. This is and we just promote the deals on the magazine!

  33. Nancy Hayes Says:

    I sent the money for the food and family magazine at the end of December. Haven’t received any magazine yet. When can I expect to start receiving it?

    • You would need to contact Kraft Food and Family. This site is Coupons For Your Family and we just promote the deal on the magazine

  34. Irene Goldsby Says:

    I have just spent the past 45 minutes trying to find the site to order the Kraft Food and Family magazine for a gift subscription. A site just for that should be somewhere. I have been sent to so much unnecessary stuff, I am giving up. If you want the business, you need to make it more assessable!!!

  35. carla garcia Says:

    I ordered a 2 year prescription today and no page fora receipt or email sent to me.

    • Hi Carla,

      You have contacted Coupons For Your Family rather than We do not have access to their system as we just published the magazine deal. Please contact them directly to mke sure yur subscription went through. Thank you

  36. We mailed you folks a check for a year subscription the first of January and haven’t heard a word from you…except you took the money out of our account. Either return the money or send us the magazines! Thank you. Gordon Stewart

  37. Flr Villarreal Says:

    I paid for 2 years in oct 2015 and have not rec any magazines> Where is my magazine?

    • you would need to contact Kraft magazine directly. That is where you sent payment too. We do not manage any f the subscriptions or accept payment for them

  38. Marsha Schreib Says:

    Hi, I ordered the Food and Family Magazine with the free cookbook, I received my bill in the mail. Looking to pay online for it. Cant find were to pay my bill have an account #8012947290 total bill $7.00. Please respond.

    Thank you
    Marsha Schreib

    • Denise Says:

      you need to contact kraft regarding any subscriptions

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