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How To Use our Site & Learn to Save Everyday

Welcome to Coupons For Your Family!

My name is Denise and I am a fulltime working mom who got very frustrated when our 4 boys started to become teenagers. I could not keep enough food in the house and run to the store 3-4 times a week and our wallet sure couldn’t keep up either!  Our bills were easily $200-$250 week to keep up with groceries and all the household expenses! Our bill is 50-70% less using coupons and sometimes even FREE!

Many people ask me how to start couponing, where to get coupons and how to save 50-70% on your household and grocery bills so here goes!


Coupons For Your Family has a lot of content and can tend to be overwhelming!

I have tried to make it as easy as possible using Icons for new readers. If you click on an icon, it will bring you to the following places.



Using this icon will bring you to this page you are on so reference it any time there is a question


Grocery Stores, Drugstores & Learning to coupon

Step #1- read our post here–>  10 Tips to Saving 50% with Coupons 

Step #2- read our post here–> How to Start Using Coupons and Saving $

Step#3- read our post here–>How to Shop For FREE & use the Weekly Store Matchups & Printable Lists

Step #4- read our post here–>Searching for Coupons on Your own Grocery List

These 4 posts should get you on your way to saving. I do have an older powerpoint video that hasn’t been updated but gives quite a bit of info:

There is no sound, just click on the pause button to read each page:


Here is another older video that shows how to read our weekly matchups

Find Current Matchups and Deals by Store


Find Your Store

This page will lead you to the stores we cover. Just click on your stores logo and it will bring you to the most recent posts for that store. You can also access your stores in the menu bar under Stores and select one you are looking for. Access home page here.

How To Shop For Free

Clicking on this Icon will bring you to the most recent store posts showing items you can get for FREE using coupons. This should be an icon you will be clicking on when making your weekly printable list with coupons.




  Sale Items & Recipes

We have partnered with Ziplist for those readers who want to see all items on sale at their store of choice and make their shopping list from there. THIS LIST DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY COUPON MATCHUPS. You would need to make your list and then search our database for coupons for those items or go back to our matchups. However it is a quick way of seeing ALL that is on sale at your store and making your list.

ZIplist has a multitude of tools including choosing Recipes for your meal plans and then adding ingredients to your shopping list, Mobile apps to check your list at store and much more.

We are grateful we have been chosen to partner with Ziplist and you can access your Ziplist shopping list here right from within our site without leaving. There will be much more incorporation of ways to make your life easier with Menu Planning and Recipes using their tools in the near future!

Newest Coupons

This will take you to our most recent posts of all coupons including printables, coupons in magazines, store coupons, Insert coupons etc. It will also include Retail Coupons.

If you want a further breakdown, you can use our Brown menu bar at the top of the site and choose printable, All You coupons, Sunday Newspaper, etc.




Search our Coupon Database

This will take you to our Sister site- Printable Coupons For Free where there is a database of more than 4000 coupons. This database is a mix of printable coupons, store coupons and Shows you where to find a Sunday Coupon Insert.

example– $1.50/2 Glade Jar or Scented Oil Candles Product, exp. 11/3/12 (SS 09/23/12)  –This coupon can be found in your manilla folder dated  09/23/12 SmartSource (SS) and it expires on 11/3/12.

If you file your Sunday Newspaper Coupons like I describe here, you can search for coupons on YOUR GROCERY LIST without even using our matchups.

You can search by multiple items or single items. Go here to see the coupons available right now for Milk, Bread and Cheese. You must change search option to any of these words to search multiple items

You can also search by  brand. Go here to see all coupons for Kelloggs brand items

There are all types of different options.

If I am in a hurry and need 2-3 items I always check the database first before leaving the house.


    Daily Deals

This Icon wil link to the most recent posts of time sensitive deals. This includes time sensitive deals such as Groupon, Sale A Day and  including last minutes store deals with coupons.


Earn Rewards through Loyalty Programs



   Reward  and Loyalty Programs

This icon will bring you to links to programs you can earn points that will further save your family money. Whether it be earning points for gift cards, coupons and sometimes even cash. Many readers participate in some of these programs to earn extra income taking surveys and giving opinions





   Cash Back Sites

This page will consist of links to Cash Back Sites that allow you to earn money when you buy products from stores through their website. This page is under construction.




   Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals.

This page will have a spreadsheet showing links to many of the stores Black Friday Deals happening in 2012. If you prefer to just go directly to the most recent Black Friday posts go here




 Freebie and Samples 

This Icon will link to the most recent freebie and sample items posted



Enter Giveaways and Win Here




This Icon will link to the most reent posts for Giveaways being held.

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