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How to Refill Lysol No Touch Hand Sanitizers

Here is the scoop. I got 3 of these Lysol No Touch Hand Sanitizers for barely nothing after coupons and gift cards a few weeks back at Target and now the refill is empty. I absolutely love them but I do not want to pay to purchase the refill and I would like to reuse the plastic refill bottle.

My friends at A Full Cup were generous enough to help me out and tell me how to refill!!

There are quite a few ways to do it and there is some risk if you want to use it with dishwashing detergent because the detergent is thicker. Check out the details on refilling at Hub Pages here

I am going to try to refill one with dishwashing detergent and will give an update next week!!

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Monday 20th of August 2012

I love the lysol no hands soap. It is the best ever beause even my little grandson has mastered how to use it with out having excess soap dropping out. Can someone please tell me who has the refills on sale or who has coupons?

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Tuesday 21st of August 2012

I havent seen any coupons for them recently!! I will keep an eye out for them!


Monday 5th of July 2010


Glad to hear that your dish detergent refill is working well in the Lysol No Touch dispenser! We do not use the dispenser often and decided to water down the original soap after writing those articles. The original soap has somehow lasted us since February :)

It's just about that time, but I think I have decided to refill it with an antibacterial soap again since its only outstanding feature in our kitchen is the ability to get rid of germs from handling raw meat... It sounds like you will save a lot of money and get more use out of the Lysol soap-now dish detergent-dispensers as well!


Tuesday 6th of July 2010

WOW--that is lasting a long time!! We have 4 boys so we need the anti bacterial at every sink!! We have 2 on our kitchen sink-one on left is dish detergent and one on right is hand soap!! I need to get 2 more for the other sinks in the house!! I truly love them. Thanks for commenting!!


Sunday 4th of July 2010

I actually wanted to buy these but I could not get to the store in time. My thought was that the refills will probably be expenstive anyway. This is a great tip, I hope the sale comes up again I want to try it, Thanks for the information!


Sunday 4th of July 2010

Thanks Jlee!! We were able to get the top off one of them and filled it with dishwashing liguid..working great so far!!

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Sunday 4th of July 2010

Someone said to drill a hole in the top of the soap container and refill it using a funnel....then just put a small piece of tape over to prevent dirt from getting in or the soap from drying out....sounds like a good idea to me!


Sunday 4th of July 2010

Thank you for commenting!!--We were able to get the top off of one and filled with dishwashing liguid. I will post next week how it holds up!!