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Entertainment Digital Access

Entertainment Digital Access = 1 yr of Digital Coupons for your area!

Purchase Entertainment Digital Edition for only $19.99 and receive exclusive coupons on all your favorite stores, theaters, restaurants and shopping venues.

Our Digital Access membership is packed with money-saving coupons from thousands of local and national businesses.

Redeem your coupons by printing from or by using on your smartphone.

Digital Access makes saving super easy and convenient, giving you instant savings on items you want, anywhere, and anytime!!

  • PURCHASE Entertainment Digital Access

    Once purchased, you will have instant access to new and great local savings. You’ll save on everyday purchases such as groceries, dining, apparel, electronics, auto services and more. Plus, when you travel, save on plane tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals at the click of a button.

    Entertainment Digital Access
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    You can search for amazing deals online and print coupons instantly. If you are traveling or out on the town, all you have to do is visit on your smartphone to find big savings near you. By using Mobile Companion, you can even filter your discounts into categories such as dining, shopping and services, events and attractions, and movies.

  • SAVE Anywhere, Anytime

    We know how jam packed your life can be, so we make saving easy. Take your savings everywhere with you and never miss out on a great deal! Start saving today by visiting from your smartphone.


Make sure to start saving from your Smartphone instead of carrying around your Entertainment Book–> Get Entertainment Digital Access for Only $19.99 for 1 yr


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