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This list will help those that want to get FREE ITEMS at the Drugstores using coupons!! Having all three major Drugstores on one Freebie list is much easier to collect your coupons and to get to the store!!

If your store does not have enough stock on the shelves, make sure to ASK FOR A RAINCHECK! As long as your coupon is not expiring you can wait for stock to come in!!

To use the shopping list, put a check in the box next to the item you want to buy and then check the store name after you have chosen items you want from that store. Ex- choose all items from CVS and then check the CVS box, choose 3 items from Walgreens and then check the Walgreens box and so on. If you check the store box first it will print the store name after your items. Once all is checked off the list, in bottom right hand corner of your screen click the print box!!

Please add any deals you find that are free or under $.50 using coupons!!

Make sure to collect up your coupons and get these freebies!! To order extra coupons check these resources -just click on the link
Ebay , Coupon ClippersCoupons By Dede or MommaOf2Many

Here is the list of Drugstore Freebies starting Sunday 5/22

There are currently no items in this list.
There are currently no items in this list.
There are currently no items in this list.

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