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Boneless Chicken Breast Deal only $1.84 lb–order before Saturday Midnight!!!

Chicken Breast Deal

Make sure you don’t miss this great Chicken Breast Deal for only $1.84 lb!


We eat a lot of Chicken in our house. Two years ago we started buying 90% of our Chicken from Zaycon foods which is the freshest tastiest chicken I have ever bought! And guess what?Because you are buying in 40lb bulk boxes, the price is always LOWER than what you can buy in any grocery store!


Over the last six months the lowest price I have seen on Boneless Chicken Breasts is $1.89lb.

Right now you can get this Zaycon Chicken Breast Deal for only $1.84 lb! Tastes better and costs less!



Here is what you need to do:
1) Place your order and pay here–> Zaycon Boneless Chicken Breast for $1.84lb
2) Mark your calendar for your areas pick up (Buffalo is October 15, 2013 in Williamsville)
3) Pick up your chicken on your designated date
4) Take your box of Boneless Chicken Breast home and cut it into sizes you will cook from
5) Package into Freezer Bags or we use our Food Saver to keep it the freshest.
6) Freeze it until you are ready to use!


We buy (2) 40lb boxes per event which is usually once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Thats 80lbs of Chicken which sounds like a lot! However, we are always out of chicken before the next
event. I hesitate to buy 3 only because of freezer room but I can tell you that store bought chicken is more money and does not taste 1/2 as good as Zaycon Chicken.
An added benefit for me is I know I have food in my freezer that I can throw in a Crock Pot or use in my Weekly Meal Planning.

More Details from Zaycon:

• Ordering Ends: Saturday, Septemeber. 21st at Midnight

• Our Trademark Event — now coming to select locations ACROSS AMERICA

• 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients

• Comes directly from the processor and has never been frozen

• Sold by the case — 40 lbs in each case

Here is a video showing how the Chicken is packaged upon delivery:

[NOTE: Our chicken is delivered in its original wholesale packaging, a water resistant cardboard case containing three or four plastic bags of fresh chicken breasts. The smaller bags are typically sealed in a larger plastic bag. The smaller bags are not uniform in weight. There will be small amounts of naturally occurring liquids (i.e.,”chicken juice”) in each bag and case. Chicken breasts typically come in double-lobed pairs (“butterfly”) and will have small attached amounts of fat.]


Click here to register if you have not already

Check to see if there is a Zaycon Food Event coming to your area here

Chicken Breast Deal

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