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I am not an extreme couponer as I wrote in Extreme Couponing vs Everyday Couponing. Will I buy extra papers, coupons on Ebay, or coupons from a clipping service such as Coupons By Dede or Coupon Clipper? Sure will if I know there is a coupon for an item that my family uses an abundance of. Do I get $1000 worth of groceries for $50 –no I do not because I do not have the time (or patience to be honest). Do I save 50-70-% off on my grocery bill every week–yes I do and that is from buying 2 papers, getting my grandma’s inserts and printing what coupons I need and filling in with online purchased coupons. Do I get free items from Drugstores using their reward cards and coupons–yes I do but I go to these drugstores every week and their items are limited from 1-4 items.

My point in this post is that you do not have to be an Extreme Couponer to make a huge dent in your weekly household spending. Changes are coming about in the coupon world and I do not think they will be good for consumers…

There have been subtle changes in the way coupons are being issued because of the large amounts of products being bought for close to nothing on the Extreme Couponing show.  Manufacturers have and will cut back on the amount of coupons being issued and will monitor how the Newspaper Inserts are getting to end users. Take a look at the article the Frugal Makes Cents linked on her blog-Change Coming for Coupon Buying. This article is just the beginning of manufacturers pulling back on how there inserts are getting into end users hands. Manufacturers are already limiting 4 coupons per like item.  Now they are trying to stop having them purchased online. What will be next??

Digital coupons are becoming more popular and there is a limit of one use per item. I do use some digital coupons on my phone but not all that much. I think of the digital coupon as an extra such as Upromise and Cellfire and Target. Will coupons all become digital so they can be more closely monitored??

If you coupon and just buy the extra papers, you will still come out ahead of the game but my concern is that manufacturers are going to put less and less in the inserts.

What are your thoughts on the changing world of coupons??


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  1. Precious Says:

    I wholeheartedly agreee with everything you said!

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